DEC 17

World’s First OLED Christmas Tree is Very Dorky

Written by on December 17, 2008

Yes, the OLED lighting team at GE did print out a glowing, ultra-efficient Christmas tree…and yes, they did put a clip of it on YouTube.

GE’s OLED project is generally thought to be ahead of the curve on manufacturing. They can already print OLEDs inexpensively from roll to roll. However, it’s harder for them to produce pure white light with the manufacturing process. They’ve refined that a lot in the last few months, but a Christmas tree was just the perfect idea for what to do with their old, green OLEDs.




One response to “World’s First OLED Christmas Tree is Very Dorky”

  1. Clinch says:

    And merry Christmas to you GE, now stop messing about with that tree, and get back to work on making me some affordable and efficient OLED bulbs and stuff.