Fuel-Free Plastics Manufacturing

Written by on October 6, 2014


Plastics manufacturing is typically a double consumer of petrochemicals, using them for both feedstock for the products, as well as fuel to provide the needed energy for the process.  But a greener method from LightManufacturing provides a system with low initial costs and low operating costs to manufacture molded plastic objects without the need for any fossil fuels.  The process is even applicable with recycled plastic feedstock, making it an even greener process.

Using heliostats to concentrate and reflect the sun’s rays provides the heat imput needed in order to melt the plastic and make it moldable.  This eliminates the largest need for fossil fuel in the process.  But also, the molding equipment itself is powered from solar panels on the roof of the molding chamber, which allows the whole process to be completely off-grid and entirely solar powered.

In addition to the benefit of having plastic manufacturing without fossil fuels, this also could allow developing countries without an extensive power infrastructure to have this kind of manufacturing capacity domestically, instead of relying on imports for finished goods.

video link: Solar powered plastics molding

via: Solar Thermal Magazine


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  1. Gupta says:

    Why not make the plastics out of the olefins extracted from sea water? If the sea water olefins are so good why does this project not use them as source polymers?

  2. Ralph Wycoff says:

    Really good job on the site, Keep up the good work!

  3. Ted says:

    Woah! After the lengthy period since the Navy Fuel from Sea Water post, I thought you were toast. Thanks for a long-awaited new post!