Written by on October 1, 2014

Technology can be a force for evil, or for awesome. Those who shun technologies that could save the planet are just as guilty as those who ignore the environment.

There’s a safe balance, where the awesome can help nature as much as it helps us have a good time and live easier lives. EcoGeek devotes its pages to exploring the symbiosis between nature and technology. If you’re interested in that, then stop by, and stop by often.

EcoGeek was conceived and founded (and is run and edited) by Hank Green. Hank spends most of his time thinking about how our brains can save our planet and has, in the last few years, become something of an expert on the subject. He appears regularly on Planet Green’s nightly news show “G Word,” and has written on the subject for a variety of print and online magazines. His work has appeared in publications ranging from Mental Floss Magazine to The New York Times and he’s been interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered and Air America’s The Young Turks. You can find out more at hankgreen.com.

Hank started EcoGeek in graduate school as a class assignment for his professor, Jon Weber, formerly of the Industry Standard, currently of NewWest.net.

The brilliant Pete Holm designed our logo.

EcoGeek’s writers, past and present, include: Hank Green, Philip Proefrock, Dave Burdick, John Barrie, Gavin D.J. Harper, Matt James, A Siegel, Jozef Winter, Heather McKee, Andrew Williams, Dave Loos, Joshua Liberles, Peg Fong, Jaymi Heimbuch, Yoni Levinson, Megan Treacy, Benjamin Jones, and Sarah Rich.

We’re hugely in debt to open source initiatives, from Apache on the bottom to Joomla on the top. We couldn’t have done this without Open Source.

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