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DRM bad for the Environment?

OK so I know we hate DRM, at least when it's done poorly (which, overwhelmingly, it has been). But it's never been an environmental issue, so I've never brought it up. But Digital Rights Management's constant checking are re-checking that everything is up-to-date and cheapest viagra uk unpirated lowers the efficiency of laudably low-energy devices by up to 25%. Windows DRM reduced play time by 20% to 25% on all the devices that CNet tested. Macintosh DRM, because, yes, Mac is less evil than Microsoft, drained only around 8% of power.

I'm all for DRM, really, I want the obtain viagra without prescription media download buisness to completely annihilate the hydrocarbon heavy CD creation and shipping buisness. But these companies need to think a lot more about what the user needs, and less about what will make them the most quick cash.

via CDFreaks
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