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"Agree with Danielle!! I just had the cialis overnight exact discussion with a co-worke..."

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SciShow: Lab Grown Meat

At present, the only option for those who believe that killing animals to eat them is wrong is to only eat vegetables. And those who like eating meat but are concerned about the environmental consequences of animal farming also may be looking for other options.

Last week on Sci Show, Hank featured the topic of lab-grown meat as an alternative to raising animals and enter site cialis info killing them for food.

Early work on making synthetic meat has produced some small samples, but it is still years from being a fully developed technology capable of producing affordable, commercially viable (inevitable pun) products. And, as Hank asks, what should it be called?

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written by sarah, September 11, 2012
I heard a few years back some kids at Pitt or Carnegie Mellon were growing a steak for an art project that they then planned on consuming as part of the art piece. I'm not sure why it seems so scarry to me or so intriguing. I love the idea. if this is the case, we could have all kinds of exotic meats grown from a little blood sample or tissue sample not unlike that seed bank....except we could be eating it. i guess you could even ethically consume your own kind, your self even, or things most would never ever consider having for dinner because they are fluffy and cute. I'm just saying.
Intriguing and kinda gross at the same time
written by Juliane, September 11, 2012
I love the idea of viagra online in canada animal-free burgers that are still made from meat, but I also find the viagra online us]non generic viagra idea to have a large "ick factor" as well.

But I guess, when it becomes more affordable, I may try one just to see how good it is. Hopefully it tastes OK for being lab grown.
written by furburger, September 16, 2012
This technology could be used to grow human meat cells, for the production of human meat products. Many lives could be saved this way, it is would reduce the need for cannibal serial killers to hunt. They will be able to go to their local supermarket instead.
written by Marci, September 19, 2012
Star Trek, Soylent Green, Yuk! Either eat real meat and be part of the food chain or eat veggies. Tofu turkey is to vomit for! Chemical meat is really super yuk!
Gross? Why?
written by Danielle, September 20, 2012
My question for those people who have expressed the idea that eating lab-grown meat would be gross: how can humanely growing meat in a lab gross you out more than mistreating a living animal for its entire life and then brutally slaughtering it for consumption? Unless you're simply focusing on we like it viagra uk potential taste issues, in which case that's a whole different question. I think lab-grown meat is an awesome and completely non-gross idea that should be pursued.
Why? Because human is propecia canada pharmacy naturally selfish...
written by keren, November 04, 2012
Agree with Danielle!! I just had the exact discussion with a co-worker about lab grown meat. I were you, and my co-worker was one of those who think it is "wierd", "gross", sigh!!!

It frustrates me people are just so brain washed and tunnel-visioned thinking meat from living animals is the only way. Also people are so selfish, they think they are so superior and viagra canda think they cannot settle for anything less than "real" meat. Who cares about terrified animal crying and screaming when in the slaughterhouse. Who cares about little chicks being put in a grinder because oh no we dont need male chicks because they dont produce eggs.

I have tears in my eyes just writing this I just cant understand how people can be so selfish and so cruel to women viagra animals who are innocent and done nothing to deserve the treatment they are given by the humans.

I belive in karma, karma says in our next lives human and animals will swapped places. The more brutal one was, the more pain there will be.

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