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JAN 10

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"I love the (re)use of banners, I love the designs of the bags and then..."

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@ CES 2008 - TimBuk2 Bag Company

TimBuk2 started in 1989 making messenger bags. They've always had concern for the environment, and they just recently gained some green exposure for recycling PVC trade show banners (I shudder to think how many will end up in the trash after CES) into bags. At the show yesterday we got a chance to talk with Andy and Perry, and they gave us a sneak peek at a prototype bag made from the packaging materials they receive with their fabrics.

They're planning a green overhaul for their manufacturing facility in San Francisco later this year, which we'll be following closely. Be sure to check out their website!

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written by jfwells, January 10, 2008
Another company doing bags with reused materials - including banners - is My wife has two of their bags and loves them.
written by buffoyahoo, January 11, 2008
I love the (re)use of banners, I love the designs of the bags and then I saw this...

... a whole box instead of online prescription tramadol a humble gift-voucher. Oh, the wasteful excess of marketing departments >:(
I'm with Bill Hicks when it comes to people in marketing ;)

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