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AUG 23

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"I would like to viagra online best price buy the synthetic land scape timbers .the number on th..."

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Fake Wood from Trash

fakewoodWe just keep recycling plastic bottles and free levitra imagining that there must be a use for them.  Well, it's not easy to turn post consumer plastic into marketable products.  So these high-tech versions of low-tech goods please us.

Xpotential Products produces landscape timbers and parking curbs that are made from recycled plastic composites and shredded automobiles. The curbs are lighter in weight than traditional concrete bumpers, so they are easier (and thus cheaper) to install. They are also more resilient, so they don't chip or crack like concrete, meaning a longer lifespan. The landscape timbers are superior to wood in serveral ways: more durable and longer lasting, and of course, no actual trees are required.

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Long way to go for a bit of wood :)
written by a guest, August 25, 2006
This seems like a good idea, as long as the canada viagra weather doesn't make them fall apart over a few years.

It's a shame they are based in Canada, that's a long drive from the UK. :)

p.s The article link is incorrect, you need to knock the first bit off. ;)

written by a guest, August 25, 2006
written by a guest, August 25, 2006
I find it to be incredibly interesting and am curious about the cost comparison as well. Many places will look at cost before environment. If it's comperable than great, if it's not, then the company that creates the stuff has a bit of extra marketting that they'll need to do. Issue is, it's difficult to i recommend cialis 20mg locate any cost on their site as well. They cover everything from cutting to stability and weight, but what about the dollar sign?
Rebars supports from Recycled plastic ho
written by a guest, August 25, 2006
I work for a company that makes Rebar Supports from recycled plastics and is currently being used all over the US in major building projects. see it at />

Judy PaynterExecutive Assistant

Plasticon International, Inc.
Not a new idea then.
written by a guest, August 25, 2006
I see from the shameless plug (I like it) by Judy, that her company also produces recycled plastic lumber, amongst other products.

On the other side of the order cialis world again though. I want to see plastic wood in my local DIY store. I would love to be able to make things for external use, without having to worry about painting/staining them.

Rob. :)
written by a guest, August 26, 2006
u guys all lick balls
written by a guest, August 28, 2006
Here in Belgium we also have a compagny that makes them. Production is very expesive though, so it is mostly used in horse stables etc... So by people with lots of money :)

And for the weather problem... The plastic is melted and extruded in a mold, so the weather has no effect on united healthcare levitra them I guess...
Recycled Plastic
written by Recycled Plastic, September 12, 2006
Hi ,

Reformed Plastics & Decking , Plastic Timber & Equestrian Fencing manufacturers ,products from recycled plastics that are stronger and more resilient than wood - Garden posts, fencing, decking, beach huts, signage, pontoons, etc

Great for the environment!

Recycled Plastic
Toxic or NOT?
written by gloria Allen, November 27, 2007
Does this fake wood give off greenhouse gases, as with synthetic products? If so, low, medium, high?
If not, I'd say great.
plastic recycled?
written by trad, January 25, 2008
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Can this be made into Plastic Exterior S
written by board and batten shutters, January 26, 2008
As an online retailer of exterior window shutters, I see the potential to make joined board and batten exterior shutters and spaced board and batten exterior shutters. Depending on how well the product machines, they could also be fabricated into raised panel exterior shutters. I would be interested to cheap cialis uk know if exterior shutters are being produced from recycled plastic.
I would buy Shutters
written by John Curry, February 08, 2008
I have looked on-line for years for shutters. My wooden shutters are crumbling but I don't want to buy vinyl. I would pay top dollar for shutters made from recycled material. If anyone knows where to but them, let me know. If we don't purchase products made from recycled plastic, then why recycle?
written by joseph seminario, December 06, 2009
I would like to buy the synthetic land scape timbers .the number on the web is online pharmacy cialis not working . How can I contact to order?

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