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"Is there ant reason this wouldn't work with cellulose?..."

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Coal -> Membrane -> Hydrogen

palladiummembrane Southwest Research Institute is developing a new membrane technology to be used for extracting hydrogen for use in fuel cells and levitra canadian other hydrogen-fueled applications. One of the biggest obstacles to the advent of the "Hydrogen Economy" is the difficulty acquiring large amounts of hydorgen.  Electrolysis (shocking water into hydrogen and oxygen) is not efficient and extracting hydrogen from fossil fuels has proven very difficult.

"Hydrogen is costly to produce or to separate from gas mixtures, such as reactor effluent or waste streams, due to the high capital and energy expenditures associated with compression, heat exchange, cryogenic distillation, and pressure swing adsorption (PSA)."  So, basically, it's really hard to pull hydrogen out of a mixture of other gasses.

But this ultra-thin, metallic membrane of palladium alloyed with other metals enables hydrogen from coal gassification to we like it rx generic cialis pass through, but prevents other gasses from contaminating it. Using a membrane to filter hydrogen would make it possible to produce hydrogen without the need for expensive and energy-consuming refining equipment, making hydrogen a more economical possibility.

Think of selling levitra online a coffee filter, but with high-energy gasses.

We still hold some doubts about hydrogen being the best technology for future energy needs, after all, we'd still need to mine the coal befor 'gassifying' it and EcoGeek will never promote coal mining.  But this will undoubtedly help make it easier to produce hydrogen from other more environmentally friendly sources as well. 

via: EC&M Magazine

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written by Peter Gillespie, June 19, 2007
Is there ant reason this wouldn't work with cellulose?

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