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"It is not jock to make from the food for energy.There is not doubt a b..."

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E. Coli Could Replace Petroleum in Plastic Production

A biotechnology company based in Boulder, Colorado has discovered a way to engineer E. coli to convert sugar into acrylic acid - a major component in paints, diapers and best price for propecia adhesives - in place of petroleum.  This new process produces 75 percent less CO2 emissions than the petroleum-based process.

OPX Biotechnologies is a start-up company that is engineering bacteria to make industrial chemicals and renewable fuels.  This new E. coli-based process they've developed is actually cheaper than the petroleum-based process and if just one commercial company adopted the bacteria-based process, 500,000 fewer barrels of petroleum would be consumed per year.

The company has been testing the technology at a pilot plant, but plans to have a commercial plant built by 2014 that could produce 100 million pounds of acrylic. The company has received a $6 million grant from the DOE's Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy as well as over $22 million in venture capital.

The company is also working on a process that converts CO2 and hydrogen into diesel fuel.

via MIT Tech Review


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written by Peter, September 21, 2010
In the face of it, this looks good but then if we think about the ramifications of this technology if it were to come into widespread use some dark concerns emerge.

Already we have a situation of energy production competing with food production as a result of cost levitra ethanol, now another technology competing with food production is here.

Unlike ethanol manufacture which can consume cellulose stock as raw material (and hence can use agricultural wastes) here is a technology which requires sugar, ie food grade input.

The world's excessively high population is the true root cause of resource pressure, this technology is going to just try! how to buy viagra do nothing to address it except perhaps cause even more hardship to those whose lives are currently most at risk.

The future is viagra 50mg looking grimmer by the it's cool online pharmacies day.
written by Ronald Brak, September 22, 2010
Peter, if cellulose is to be used to produce ethanol then it needs to be broken down into sugars. Those sugars could then be used to produce acrylic acid. Now whether this means we should go yay because we don't need food crops to produce acrylic acid from bacteria or or go boo because cellulistic ethanol is using sugar that could technically be fed to original viagra people probably depends on your point of view.
Sounds good to me
written by Asaf Shalgi, September 22, 2010
Even if they are using sugar in the process, there's simply no way of ignoring the fact that these sugars cut CO2 emission in more than half in making plastic. I think this is a different story than the ethanol production one...
written by Peter, September 23, 2010
Cutting down CO2 emissions is going to do nothing to the root cause of the problems of this planet. The basic problem is rampant population increase which has reached the point where humans are now a pestilent species.

Do you really believe that purchasing a new 'green' gadget to charge your iPod from solar energy, or a new hybrid auto or a technology which competes with food production is going to help?

The only action which would have any hope of a positive planetary outcome is rapid depopulation, but who is fda approves levitra going to go there? The best we can hope for is that antibiotic resistant 'superbugs' and other emergent pathogens gain exponential traction in the population.
written by Ronald Brak, September 23, 2010
Actually the best we can hope for is that magic ponies use their rainbow power to make the try it canada generic viagra entire universe a paradise. It may not be very likely, but you have to admit it's objectively better than hoping superbugs kill people.
written by Peter, September 24, 2010
Given a choice between magic ponies and superbugs, I think I will bet on the superbugs. It is a pretty sure bet.
written by Lindros, September 26, 2010
Start to educate these people that there are not enough jobs to go around.
such project is worse than atom bomb
written by b, July 10, 2011
It is not jock to make from the food for energy.There is not doubt a bout it This is not the sloution.If we try to mexican cialis limit the foods for the poeple in the others part of the world and produce energy the resualt is disaster. No people no money no live. The best is wind and other energy.

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