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DEC 01

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"very destructive subsidy given to the fossil carbon industries. ..."

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Making Natural Gas from Sunlight

Producing natural gas from wastewater and buy cialis 5 mg sunlight sounds like an idealized fuel production scenario, and that is just what a company called HyperSolar is claiming to be able to do.

Unlike many other companies making fuel using microorganisms, the HyperSolar process is designed to mimic photosynthesis with a nanomaterial. Hydrogen is produced at normal pressure, and then reacted with injected CO2 to produce methane.

Sunlight activates the nanomaterial particles and produces a charge which allows the particle to cheapest cialis release hydrogen from the water. The process can even use untreated wastewater as a feedstock, and will produce clean water along with the natural gas.

This kind of natural gas would, of course, be preferable to fossil natural gas, since it would use already freed CO2 and leave the sequestered fossil carbon undisturbed. Moreover, it would serve as a source of buy viagra canada natural gas without the need for controversial extraction methods like fracking.

Because the process takes place at normal pressure and temperature, it is less expensive than other systems that require large capital investments for the special equipment needed for their processes.

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Is this for Real?
written by matt, December 01, 2011
This company's stock trades over the counter for a quarter, makes me skeptical. Nothing on their website about how they intend to commercialize this, when we can expect it come to market.
written by Sue, December 02, 2011
I think someone was smoking too much wacky weed. There is order cialis lowest price no mention of the efficiency, the costs of the process, capital investment requirements, longevity of installation. Nothing.

Why publish this crap?
Good Idea
written by Stevan, December 03, 2011
I like the idea, I just hope to see it become reality soon rather than decades from now.
written by Mike Bugle, December 07, 2011
Interesting idea. Doubt it will ever be made commercial or that we will ever see any benefits from it.
Natural Gas is too cheap
written by TK, December 08, 2011
How much would something like this cost per mcf of gas? Natural gas is pretty cheap right now unfortunately despite the viagra toronto canada probable environmental damage.
An other Finiate resorce
written by Bill L, December 09, 2011
Gas is cheep because to many wells They will run out Like all finite things they WILL reach Limit Remember the simple formula EI/EO (energy in over energy out) an also keep in mind the law of Physics Known as Entropy ie energy can only be transformed or you will never get more out than you put in. Look up Laws of Thermodynamics.. Thanks 4 reading... Bill
No brain
written by Vijay, December 11, 2011
everyone is searching easier ways to try it cialis online sales produce hydrogen, these guys get hydrogen and inject co2 to make
A Basic Problem With Energy Costs
written by James Gerard, January 06, 2012
Under the title "Natural Gas is too cheap" a commentator mentioned the low present cost of natural gas as if it were an objection to this idea. However, the present cost of all fossil fuels, Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas, are all far too low because the cost is not required to reflect the environmental costs or damage these fuels are causing. That mistake needs to be remedied urgently on a Global basis, because the lack of an environmental damage fee is encouraging the profit motive of the fossil fuel companies to supersede common sense. If we continue to use fossil carbon in any form as fuel, we will hasten the Climate Change which will result in major disasters globally for all humans and many other life forms. An environmental tax or fee needs to be phased in soon and incrementally increased, with the proceeds returned to the consumers - to encourage them to viagra soft tabs spend on alternate energy and transportation - which will be cheaper by comparison when the cost of fossil fuels is adjusted correctly to account for the damage it is doing.

Companies such as this one will be further encouraged to develop their processes, since the price factor will no longer be tilted against them by what amounts to a very destructive subsidy given to the fossil carbon industries.
written by gurjeet, June 30, 2012
very destructive subsidy given to the fossil carbon industries.

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