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JAN 05

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"FIPEL lights are similar to the best site viagra discount prices fluorescent lights? Or it is generic viagra uk more useful t..."

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​FIPEL Lights May Offer Alternative to LED

LEDs may seem to be the peak of efficient lighting technology, but they aren't perfect, and that doesn't mean that other technologies aren't being explored. Recently, scientists from Wake Forest University announced a new kind of light called FIPEL, which stands for "field-induced polymer electroluminescent." If it performs as promised, it offers several advantages over LED and compact fluorescent lights. With commercial development already under way, lights using this technology are reportedly going to be available to consumers in 2013.

Researchers behind the project are promoting it for its improved color properties, as well as avoiding the use of mercury or the "annoying buzz" in fluorescent lights. Of course, the old style T-12 fluorescent bulbs, and their associated magnetic ballasts (which were the low cost viagra kind that could develop a hum) are already being phased out, and means and cheapest priced propecia methods for warming the light from LEDs have long been available.

This is not to say that there are no benefits from FIPEL lights. One disadvantage that most LEDs present is that they are point sources, so the light is very directional. FIPEL light comes from the entire surface (similar to the ESL light, another alternative to CFL or LED lights).

A review posted in Ars Technica reveals a number of weaknesses in the data available about the FIPEL light. Ars notes that the the best place womans viagra new light is "based on FIPEL technology," and not necessarily a proper FIPEL light. The article from Ars also dissects the numbers around FIPEL light as compared with other technologies, and finds it seriously wanting.

For instance, the light level of the test FIPEL had a luminance of cheap lowest price cialis sublingual 100 cd/sq meter, which is only a tiny fraction of the luminance of a light such as a fluorescent tube (27,000 cd/sq meter) or even the Moon (2,500 cd/sq meter). However, the photo attached to soft tab levitra the press release and used in other articles about the technology (as well as this one) show something in the researchers' hands that is more than a little bit brighter than the lab space. So the numbers may not add up, but something would appear to be working. Furthermore, glare can be reduced by spreading the light over a wider area, so a larger area, lower luminance light source is not necessarily a bad thing.

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Bio luminescent lighting, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Øystein, January 07, 2013
Bio-luminescence is a chemical process releasing stored energy as light. "squeezing the juice" from their producers would at best produce a limited light until depleted, then the viagra online prescription chemicals would need to be replaced. More likely, the juices would not function outside the animal. We might be able to find a way to continually replenish similar fluids using a powered or chemical process, but that, again, would require research of technologies. There is no such thing as free lighting. Something must produce the light, and something must provide the energy to be converted into light. The challenge is to find the process with the greatest efficiency, lowest environmental impact, and make it affordable so it is actually used.
Love LED Lights
written by Dorian, January 09, 2013
I expect more of these kinds of LED Lights products. lol
written by Carl Louie, January 10, 2013
Never imagined that there will be a better solution than LED's, but as of now LED's covered up the whole lighting technology.
Revolution is coming.
written by Daisy Cecil, January 11, 2013
I like LED lights. If FIPEL lights can be put into use, there will be a huge revolution. Expect that day!
written by sarah, January 13, 2013
well the levitra mail no prescription sun is free. and the moon is free. Fire is generally free. It might not be as convenient but they're free. I'm just saying.

Mostly, I'm wondering what the power consumption and light life estimates are. Is there any eco advantage to FIPEL over the other's aside from the mercury usage?

Maybe they can capture the market in night lights, and safety vests and night signage etc. if it is anything like el cord, there are plenty of viable applications...
Go Green Be Safe
written by Joanna Aniston, January 22, 2013
Amazing post. I've been reading about LED light for a while now. I am currently living in Bulgaria (actually I have been here for 5 years now) and the ordinary lights are already forbidden because they waste way too much energy. This is very cool I am glad countries like Bulgaria are starting to go green slowly but safely.
written by Rinkesh, February 03, 2013
I thought LED's are most efficient and nothing can replace the. Its nice to see a technology called FIPEL coming through to replace LED's and resulting in huge energy savings. Expecting them to hit the market soon.
Fipel over Led
written by marry thomas, April 26, 2013
FIPEL technology isn't really new, it's a form of induction lighting and is best prices for levitra already in wide use. It is most similar to fluorescent lighting and has some of the same draw backs. While it does have benefits in the fixed lighting area, I certainly don't believe it will be the end all of LED lighting, not by a long shot. The difference of course is that the technology you have posted uses a polymer tube that's flexible rather than a rigid or glass tube. It will be a multi directional light source.
Alternative for an alternative
written by Bob, August 17, 2013
LED lights have come to prove as alternatives for the existing lighting technology used. But a variant that can be used as an alternative to LEDs is definitely a great achievement. If FIPEL can prove to overnight delivery cialis be more cost effective than LEDs then they will find good use.
written by high bay light, August 20, 2013
Most of lamps sold in Western nations are made in China, LED lamps aren't not computers or smartphones, not sophisticated.
LED lights Vs FIPEL
written by Corvi downlight, September 18, 2013
I am really fond of LED lights, since I have been in this industry. But after reading this post I would say there's no end of research. My question is FIPEL technology can really help to save energy more than LED lights? However I am looking foreword to FIPEL lights.
Always Pros and Cons
written by Steve, November 29, 2013
Even today as incandescents are phased out, they continue to have some advantages over other lighting sources. So even if we bring LEDs in as a the primary lighting source for a while, other types like this will no doubt have their own advantages and applications.
written by LED Lights, April 01, 2014
FIPEL lights are similar to fluorescent lights? Or it is more useful than LED lights. Please help me in this.

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