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MAR 16

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"Using more Pozzalans and waste glass mix's would be start,and making t..."

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Concrete is a complex material made of just four basic ingredients: coarse aggregates (stone), fine aggregates (sand), water, and cement. It is extremely hardy and maintenance free, leading to buy viagra using paypal some claims that it is a green material. But cement is incredibly energy intensive to produce. Minerals must be fired in ovens at temperatures of 1500 degrees C (over 2700 degrees F). Because concrete is used so frequently cement manufacture is actually responsible for an estimated 5 to 10 percent of all carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere.

MIT researchers have been examining the structure of concrete in an attempt to better understand how the material works and to develop better (and less energy-intensive methods) for manufacturing cement.

Cutting back on cement production, or finding a cleaner way of producing it could be a huge step in reducing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. It may not be as cool as light transmitting concrete, but it has a much greater potential to be a useful contribution towards a greener world.

via: MIT Technology Review

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written by Nathan, March 10, 2012
Using more Pozzalans and waste glass mix's would be start,and making them easily available to buy cialis overnight the public would also be a good move.

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