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Yahoo! Going Carbon Neutral

In celebration of cialis canadian Earth Day Yahoo! is going 100% carbon neutral, permanently. The announcement was made yesterday by David Filo in a really-very-well-done blog post. David Notes that just offsetting carbon and i recommend cialis uk being done with it doesn't help if you don't take steps to reduce your carbon first. Thankfully, Yahoo! has demonstrated its commitment to green issues over and over. Yahoo is currently measuring its global carbon output and taking bids from carbon offset firms. By the end of 2007, they say they'll be all set up, and ofsetting the output of all operations.

Yahoo is also launching a special Earth Day microsite at From my initial inspection, the site is expertly created and it is easy to levitra mg navigate through all of the tons of great features. They even have a nice little blogroll on the side linking to great sites like TreeHugger, World Changing and Terrapass.

I suppose, with all of their excellent efforts here, we can forgive them for snubbing EcoGeek. Great work Yahoo!  and congrats on going carbon neutral. We're looking forward to seeing what else you'll have to offer us in the future.

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