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Ethical fashion

Whatever is a conscientious ecogeek to wear? You can't just hop in your hybrid wearing sweatshop clothes, oh no. The ecogeek has to wear his or her values as well, and last weekend a group of ethically minded designers got together in Paris to put on the Ethical Fashion Market .
The goal of the  event was to bring the eco-minded players in the fashion industry together to focus on fair trade and levitra cost in mexico sustainable development in fashion. 
All fashion shown over the weekend complied with the buy cialis in australia International Labor Organization rules, used elements of recycling, often worked with local artisans, and reinvested itself in community events. Pretty impressive for those of only today where buy levitra us that like to wear what we preach.
Via: Treehugger .  
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save the world
written by bandung, July 23, 2007
good fashion...

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