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MAY 30

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"This furniture kinda reminds me of this adorable place called "Amish F..."

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Drinking straw furniture

As much as I've been falling in love with furniture made out of only here online levitra sales recycled materials and cialis for daily use furniture that you can mail to yourself ,  this adorable chair-and-foot-stool set is the perfect EcoGeek guilty pleasure item, because it's cute as a button and made out of plastic drinking straws.
Offered in limited supply are the get viagra online with paypal chair, stool, partition, and my personal favorite, a lampshade.  Sometimes the furniture-out-of-unexpected-items seems like a good idea, but I'm trying to imagine sinking into a series of drinking straws after a long day of work. A lampshade, however, could be an adorable creation for drinking straws that otherwise are headed to search cialis the land fills.
Via: Promise design . (Drinking straw furniture under Post Industrial Arts.) 
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wana ask
written by zhafra, January 26, 2007
good evening!may i know who designed the drinking straw furniture?i really need it badly for our project in architectural design.thank you.
written by bandung, July 23, 2007
it's very loow prfile, but cool....
written by chars, August 17, 2008
i am going to try and make some now.
written by klinikasnu, March 17, 2012
One of my friends after drinking 400 beers (not at once) made hilarious chair of it smilies/cheesy.gif
Amish Furniture
written by Desiree , January 02, 2013
This furniture kinda reminds me of this adorable place called "Amish Furniture". It's made so nicely and strong. I feel comfortable putting their creations in my kids' rooms.

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