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MAR 28

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"i think that its a good idea would be interested in seeing if there is..."

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"Clean Technology Tower" Exploits the Windy City

They don't call it the Windy City for nothing. Chicagoans routinely brave tropical-storm-force winds. So why is all that energy is only used to knock over pedestrians and it's cool cialis without prescription online scatter detritus when it could be used to power the city!

Well, the "Clean Technology Tower" will finally be exploiting Chicago's wind with dozens of wind turbines tucked into its body. These aren't your average, everyday building integrated turbines either. AS+GG Architecture has actually done the math, and they've determined the best way to harness the it's cool discount levitra online wind as it flows around the tower. Depressions in the face of the tower channel wind into the turbines. As the tower reaches higher (and wind speeds increase) the turbines are more tightly spaced.

The result is more than perfect for capturing power, it's also a much more organic and pleasing design than we've seen with a lot of wind-capturing buildings.

The tower will have more than two million square feet of hotel, retail and office space. The wind will be used both to power the building and create negative pressure for natural ventilation. And, as if this wasn't enough clean technology, the domed roof will be covered in photovoltaic panels!

I haven't heard any time-scales for this thing tossed around, but hopefully sooner rather than later. AS+GG is plenty busy with amazing green building projects, like the Masdar Headquarters, but hopefully they'll put this one on tramadol fast from canada fast shipping the fast track as well.

More pictures below.

Via Jetson Green and AS+GG









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C'mon Hank
written by Eric, March 31, 2008
C'mon Hank! I've been noticing a lot of misspellings and typos lately, you gotta read over your articles before you post them homy!!

"So why is all that energy is only used to knock over pedestrians"
Oh, Montana
written by Salome, April 01, 2008
I lived most of my life (18 years out of the best place buy levitra without a prescription my 20) in Great Falls, MT, and I know that it gets windier there than in Chicago. When will Montana get funding for projects such as these? Montana is a great places for eco-friendly changes, and I hope they start soon.
written by clint cayou, July 30, 2009
i think that its a good idea would be interested in seeing if there is an actual working model so we can see it work or is it all still ones and zeros

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