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MAY 05

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"How does one adjust a Ballast Exactly? Do they even know what they are..."

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Toronto Direct Energy Center Showcases Clean Tech.

The Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, an exhibition hall hosting shows of all types announced a while back that they have planned to turn the viagra tablet weight centre into a model of environmental sustainability, and at just over 800,000 square feet of exhibition space, that’s no small feat. They’ve earmarked $7 million of their sponsorship funding over the next 10 years for environmental initiatives, and have already made great strides in reducing the building’s footprint.

As you enter the grounds, you cannot miss the wind turbine in the distance, quietly producing over 1 million KW/h each year. In addition to this, 130,000 sq/ft of roof space is slotted to be fitted with solar panels, providing a peak power of click here cialis ed nearly 2 megawatts of electricity, making it the largest PV plant in Canada.

They’ve replaced all the viagra non prescription streetlights with LED lights which last 5 times longer than conventional bulbs, and reduce energy consumption by 50%, while still producing the same light output. For internal lighting, ballasts were adjusted and bulbs replaced, netting a 2.3 million KW/h savings per year for the entire lighting project (about a $250,000 savings annually).

The centre plans on usefull link levitra pfizer hitting its goal of being 70% waste free this year and already has a program in place to separate waste materials, like glass, wood, food, etc. for recycling, and even recycles 100% of the paper towels used in the public washrooms. Their programs are truly too numerous to describe, but between their green roof pilot project, urban reforesting program, linen-free meeting rooms, compostable food packaging, and use of Forest Stewardship Council certified products, they seem to tramadol c o d by phone be doing a good job.

Another cool thing, like there weren’t enough, is that they have 2 John Deere fuel cell powered vehicles on site for grounds maintenance. Running low on fuel? No problem, they have a hydrogen fuel refill station on site!

Finally, they have a permanent innovation section designed to “explore energy use and the environment”, featuring “interactive displays [which] showcase sources of energy and methods of energy conservation”.
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written by curt, May 05, 2008
Nothing convince a person more than a real practical experience. If you can try and see different renewable technologies before making a final purchase decision is much easier and much more satisfying. I hope we are going to get similar centers in UK, soon, even though, the renewable situation here doesn't look promising at all. Congratulations to Toronto Canada!
written by Lloyd Alter, May 05, 2008
there is a bit of greenwashing going on here. Direct Energy is a gas company that bought the naming rights to a convention center on the Canadian National Exhibition site, owned by the viagra propranodol City of Toronto. It cannot take credit for the wind turbine, which was developed by a cooperative called I have attended many events there; for the recent green living show they had to rent bike racks, because the center has one rack outside that might hold twenty bikes. They talk a sustainable story, but I would really be interested in seeing how many of their sustainable initiatives promised in the page you link to get levitra online have actually been done. In fact I may just follow up and check that out.
written by Cameron, May 06, 2008
an excellent effort for sure. would love to know if they are planningg any geo-thermal heating and tramadol discount online cooling solutions in light of the vast parking lot surfaces in their area. Considering this is in my back yard I may just have to check it out.
Regarding Ballasts Adjusted and Bulbs re
written by Eric, May 08, 2008
How does one adjust a Ballast Exactly? Do they even know what they are saying? You cannot "ADJUST" a ballast. They are all electronic these days. They did the right thing with the LED street lights for sure but why then did they not use fluorescent style LED tubes?

Check out for the best low energy use LED lighting in the world. Save money on your utility bill! Get educated! LED's are the FUTURE of lighting, as we know it. Stop using the CFL's (Compact Fluorescents) and regular fluorescents that are filled WITH THEIR TOXIC MERCURY VAPOR AND PHOSPHOR COATING, POISONING OUR ENVIRONMENT AND US AND OUR CHILDREN AND OUR CHILDRENS CHILDREN AND ON AND ON!!! You must know that almost NO ONE disposes of these horribly poisonous lights properly??? Maybe large business and city and federal governments do because they are bound by law to do so. Too bad the average homeowner is not bound by the same law!
You have heard of MERCURY in your fish that you eat right? DUH! Where do you think it's coming from??? It does not just occur in nature by itself. It’s from the cheepest cialis THE FLUORESCENTS THAT WE ALL THROW AWAY EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! They go into our landfills by the millions and break and the Mercury Vapor and Phosphor Coatings leach into the soil then into the groundwater, then into our streams, rivers, lakes and cialis headaches OCEANS! Then of course, we ingest it through the fish we eat and eventually poison our bodies with this toxic plethora of chemicals. Don’t get me started on search propecia how much faster this poison gets into the atmosphere that we breathe if by bad circumstance the Fluorescents make it into an incinerator!!!
LED's are completely environmentally friendly and recyclable too and are RoHS compliant!

The LED’s have 50,000 hour lifespan. You would have to burn the bulb 24 hrs a day (8,760) hours a year for 5.7 years to burn them out. Also being Solid State Lighting (SSL), they are incredibly durable.
A standard incandescent draws much more power and typically only lasts 1000- 10000
Hours this is why we replace them all the time. In addition, they are very fragile because of the little wire filament inside them. Fluorescents are not any better though they do draw less power they contain the poisons that are killing us. GO LED! It truly is viagra buy the future of ALL lighting. Mark my words!

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