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JUN 30

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"that one day all our cities make it mandatory to incorporate some more..."

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Old Stadium Turned To Lush Urban Garden Metropolis

Profit plays a big part in how urban spaces are used. Luckily, we sometimes see that low profits are good for the environment.

Osaka Japan housed a baseball stadium that few people cared to usefull link cialis australia no prescription visit. In 2003, the stadium was shut down, but with its prime location near the Namba Train Station, folks knew it was a waste not to convert the building and visit our site price viagra utilize it for something that would indeed turn a profit. The Nankai Electric Railway, owner of the site, worked with architecture company Jerde to create a unique, artistic and practical application for the building. Jerde came up with turning the 8.33 acres of urban concrete into a productive office and retail complex that features 2.2 acres of lush gardens that welcome visitors in from the street.

We know that green roofs and urban gardens can significantly help reduce the only best offers non prescription levitra temperature of concrete- and asphalt-covered cities, by as much as 7° or 8° Fahrenheit, so in Osaka’s harsh urban landscape, this burst of green, dubbed Namba Parks, is a welcome relief.

It's nice to see an eco-friendly revamp of generic viagra canadian existing space, rather than a giant demo and concrete re-build. The curves and levels of green are absolutely beautiful, so I’m hoping this project is a bit of inspiration for the ugly gray sprawl of US areas like downtown L.A. Be sure to stop by Jerde’s website to look at some of the spectacular photos of the building.

Via EnvironmentalGraffiti, Jerde; Photo via A Posh Sentinel

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i hope...
written by kd, July 05, 2008
that one day all our cities make it mandatory to incorporate some more actual greenery into their outdoor/rooftop spaces to help eat up some of the carbon, cool down temperatures, and create more oxygen/zen. Plus, just look how beautiful that is now... i love that building!

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