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AUG 04

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"Has anyone ever come across an LED street light that can replace a 400..."

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Dockside Green Gets World’s Highest LEED Score

Everything from the WTC to stadiums are scrambling for LEED certification these days, clambering to ride the green trend in building and show how eco-friendly they are. But one luxury housing community has taken the trophy, gaining the highest LEED score in the world after building the how do u buy propecia in canada community to Platinum LEED standards. Racking up 63 out of 70 possible points, the community beat out Wisconsin's Aldo Leopold Legacy Center, which once held the top score of 61. (Bank of America, are you sweating?)

Dockside Green in Victoria, Canada is turning some envious heads in the green building industry with its two condo buildings, townhomes and commercial space. Highlights include on-site sewage treatment and water re-use, store water-capture systems via green roofs, cisterns, bio-swales and bio-filtration that channel the water into a stream flowing through the community. So pastoral.

The community’s energy systems makes them greenhouse gas-neutral and also could allow it to be a net energy provider through its biomass gasification plant. The plant converts local wood waste into clean burning gas for heat and hot water. When tenants need to cheap viagra lowest prices index get around, they can use the Smart Car co-op. And of course the community houses Energy Star appliances and efficiency features like heat recovery ventilation units, Low E double glazed windows, and exterior blinds on the sunny sides of the legal pharmacy online buildings.

The score alone proves that this building is more than a publicity stunt, but just in case some are skeptical, the development set themselves up for achieving their goal by setting a $1 million penalty for failure. If they didn’t hit their goal, they would have paid $1 million to the city to be used for triple-bottom-line projects. I’m sure the city will gain quite a bit more than $1 million through the completion of this project.

And all this is just phase 1. The rest of the $1.2 billion project will eventually have 1,000 housing units…and will be a seriously cool place to live.

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Keep the movement moveing!
written by Eco Home Plans, August 04, 2008
This project, on this scale, is soooo needed right now to keep this movement moving! I can't wait!!!

Charles Precht
Eco Designs

Project Designer & Green Building Specia
written by Korinne, August 04, 2008
I am glad to hear that the bar keeps getting raised with LEED projects. One small correction, the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center is located in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Not Minnesota, as indicated here. More information on the building can be found at
Good to price of cialis in canada see this succeed
written by Wirelizard, August 04, 2008
I live in Victoria, and have been watching the Dockside Green development with interest since it was first mentioned several years ago.

The site is an old railyard/heavy industrial area, so this is classic brownfield development. Being a skeptic I wondered how many of the shiny green enviromental goals would be sacrificed along the way, but the levitra available in india LEED Platinum rating is a good way to prove me wrong!
LED Street Light
written by michael Robson, August 05, 2008
Has anyone ever come across an LED street light that can replace a 400 watt existing lamp used in the UK.

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