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AUG 08

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"This covers a lot of ideas for improving datacenter efficiency: http:..."

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ADC Gets First Platinum LEED Cert. for Data Center Facility

ADC is creating what will be the first Platinum LEED-certified data center hosting facility. They’re able to get this high rating by piping outdoor air inside to cool the datacenters, rather than relying only on viagra in india air conditioners, taking the it's great! drug viagra load off the AC for 75% of the year. It’ll make it 25-30% more energy efficient, which clearly impresses LEED certifiers.

Because ADC’s billing structure has customers paying a portion of the power bill, customers have a nudge in the side to reduce their energy use as much as possible. Data centers are a known culprit for high energy use, and many companies are looking into creating more efficient servers and ways to make existing data centers more efficient. Additionally, the planning for the building includes options for customers to use water to cool their equipment, on-site power generation through fuel cells, and direct-current wiring to lower electricity use.

And they’re throwing in the now old-hat environmentally friendly building elements like capturing rainwater for landscaping and toilets, non-volatile paints, and reflective materials to reduce heat absorption during the day. The building is under construction and will open early next year.

Via cnet, photo via josjos

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RMI study
written by Doug, August 08, 2008
This covers a lot of ideas for improving datacenter efficiency:

you can get more detail from their slideshow: Systems_thinking_for_radically_efficient_and_profitable

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