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JAN 23

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"well i mean it is enriching the idea that this eco friendly things are..."

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NYC's New Incredible Eco-Island

The City and generic levitra in india State of New York bought an old island off it's coast from the federal government for a whopping $1 in 2003. Since then, they've been struggling to turn the once dilapidated island into a tourist destination. But now, with a plan from West 8, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, and Rogers Marvel Architects, the Governor's Island is going to become one of New York's most interesting and greenest tourist (and local) destinations.

The park will be traveled only by pedestrians and bicyclists, and everyone will have access to a huge bank of wooden bicycles for use on the island. The designers will create a huge amount of artificial topography using fill from construction projects in the cialis dose city.  The focus of the attractions will be in local nature. A floating restaurant will serve seafood straight from the Hudson, a marine center will open the eyes of young ecogeeks to the splendor of the best choice price of levitra our ocean and several rubber bubble buildings will contain botanical and aquatic research centers.

Via Inhabitat

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written by Tom, January 23, 2009
$1? Am I reading that right?

In any case, it sounds/looks pretty darn cool. Looking forward to online cialis prescription hearing more about it in the future.
Not very Green
written by Stephen Barnes, January 23, 2009
So, it's an island.... which means that every visitor will have to arrive by boat. I hope those boats are yachts or powered by solar cells, otherwise there will be a lot of pollution just to ship thousands/hundreds of thousands/millions of people to this 'green' theme park. Maybe kayaks could be provided and people could paddle across themselves....
written by Joep de Koning, January 24, 2009
We are not so sure that a non-economical eco-Island - a gigantic black hole - is going to make it despite all the press releases. Our economically self-sustaining Tolerance Park (i.e., Tolerance Island) is more likely the ultimate winner. It takes some time as you can see on
written by Joshua, January 25, 2009
Wow. That's really amazing. Can't wait to see more.

However, it seems like it's sort of the Disney World of the Green Trend. Which.... could be for good or ill...

It will have to be watched closely.
Hmm on american thought
written by Dylan, January 26, 2009
Tolerance Island? Sounds like the usual lot of boring American rederic. yea liberty, woohoo name a park after it, call it "tolerance" this time. Won't change the legal to buy ultram online fact that internationally the US is far from tolerant and that our every day "liberties" are continually being snatched up from us. Yes the US has a history of freedom and viagra non prescription tolerance but our current foothold in the world is canada cialis generic far from the radical thinkers who started this nation.
I Hope...
written by Trevor, January 28, 2009
I hope there is a waterpark. haha
sorta good
written by littlemisssavetheworld, May 13, 2009
well i mean it is enriching the idea that this eco friendly things are good but it seems a little in a way ironic. if the people are promoting being green then y r they making people come across on a ferry!?!?! wats up with tht? then its just hurting more of brand viagra pfizer canada the Earth by leaving behind our carbon foot print. why not just fix a part of new york, save the island for habitat to animals (they need homes to) and still have the same effect? stupid yet smart. however im not goin til they change the ferry thing. (=


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