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JUN 18

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"But what about existing structures? Could we use hydrophobic nano mate..."

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Concrete Structures Could Last 16,000 Years

Concrete has become a major focus of green building initiatives and genuine viagra online research.  The manufacture of the material is one of pharmacy on line viagra discount the worst CO2 generating processes in the world, with five to eight percent of manmade CO2 coming from concrete production.  MIT researchers have come up with a way to cut those numbers dramatically by making concrete structures last as long as 16,000 years, requiring less of it to be made in the first place.

The discovery centers around creep -  the breaking down of concrete, which they've realized is caused by the rearrangement of nano-scale calcium-silicate hydrate (CSH) particles.  CSH particles go through two density phases when mixed with water, at first a density of 64 percent and secondly a density of 74 percent.  That upward shift in density causes creep.

The researchers have found a way to stop creep by adding silica fumes - a by-product of producing aluminum - to the fast order cialis concrete.  This addition accelerates the density phases all the way to 87 percent and could ideally lead to longer lasting and lighter concrete structures.

The MIT team calculates that structures that were built to last 100 years could last 16,000 years with this new process and the 20 billion tons of generic viagra from canada concrete produced annually could become a dramatically lower number.

via Greentech Media

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16 years... Yeah!
written by Doug, June 18, 2009
Getting someone to how to get cialis without prescription commit to 16 years or 16 million. Good luck. People can no longer decide what they want for dinner or even long term financial goals. Good luck getting a city planner and then the council and other governing bodies agree to building today what we need tomorrow.
everlasting concrete
written by ds, June 19, 2009
It doesn't say in the article that this new concrete cannot be demolished. So mistakes would still be possible to be corrected. Yes, i think it is possible to imagine a world without concrete (would be lovely wouldn't it). But i miss the sydney opera.
written by Rojelio, June 19, 2009
Whatever happened with the story from about a year ago where there was this company that could incorporate CO2 into the concrete and it was supposedly better than regular concrete and act as a giant CO2 sink and cheap lowest price discount generic cialis we'd never have to make environmentally unfriendly concrete again?
Concrete is the best we have now
written by Alternative Green Technologies, Inc, June 19, 2009
The technology keeps growing. You have a few companies producing ICF's for homes and now this is just even more good news for concrete.
Concrete structures
written by Fred, June 24, 2009
So does that mean no more structure collapses ever?
Existing Structure
written by Whoa Nellie, June 04, 2014
But what about existing structures? Could we use hydrophobic nano material to protect the non-driven surfaces from moisture ingress?

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