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AUG 05

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"Technology available today allows us to build Zero Energy Homes. Why d..."

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Habitat for Humanity Building 5,000 Energy Efficient Homes

Habitat for Humanity International and The Home Depot Foundation are teaming up to build 5,000 energy efficient homes over the next five years proving that energy efficiency is canadian healthcare pharmacy attainable and necessary for everyone.  The $30 million Partners in Sustainable Building program will issue grants to Habitat affiliates for homes built following Energy Star, LEED or other nationally recognized green building guidelines.

In 2009 and 2010, 1,500 sustainable homes will be built by 120 Habitat affiliates in 45 states.  The program will grant $3,000 per home built to Energy Star standards and $5,000 per home built to a higher standard, like LEED.

Features like efficient water heaters, programmable thermostats, low-flow toilets and shower heads, weather stripping and better insulation are making a huge difference in the homes' energy use.  In a pilot program last year where 260 homes were built, the sustainable features led to energy savings of 15 to 30 percent.  For those that were built to LEED Platinum standards, energy savings have hit 50 percent.

The partnership is also granting money to cialis delivered overnight establish training programs for greener building practices for 440 affiliates.

via Habitat for Humanity

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Seems like a great program to me
written by Zach, August 06, 2009
I don't get the previous comment. Low-income families need the savings of energy efficiency more than anyone else, but local nonprofits like Habitat often don't have the usefull link cheap generic levitra india expertise or money to do that right. (Habitat is actually a network of local nonprofit affiliates, not a big central organization.) For the families that get these homes they are anything but quaint, they change lives - I've seen it many times in person. Plus all the volunteers who participate in these builds get to learn about efficiency measures they can do generic viagra rxmeds in their own homes.

I know some folks enjoy making negative comments on the web but this seems like a pretty good project.
Sustainable green construction
written by Mike Morrison, August 06, 2009
Te Work 4 Life program Foundation has been formed by and for the structured training and jobs for disabled veterans. The products they will now manufacture can be used with little training and will provide jobs while constructing energy efficient housing. Review the web site at
Yeah And
written by Pam, August 06, 2009
Local Habitat for Humanities projects happen only when the funds align. In one city you MIGHT have 2 houses being built per year, maybe 4. So saying 1,500 new, energy efficient homes across the generic cialis canadian nation in 2 years is pretty damn cool.

Could they be doing more? Sure, just as soon as you show some capitol.
Habitat deserves kudos
written by Brian Hayes, August 10, 2009
To Zach: I apologize for being curt. I was bellyaching about our overall poor response to erecting efficient and levitra now online sensible homes. I've been an energy auditor since the 70s and it's been a long, long slog. Habitat is a breakthrough operation that I hope becomes an important template in our society at the scale of 100s of 1000s and more.
written by Johnny, August 11, 2009
Lancaster PA, Habitat for Humanity program has it goin a regular volunteer and we just started building a 19 home complex in the city..and they are all have very high credits for having LEED certified building materials and methods of construction..its pretty wonderful
what about older houses?
written by Tim Snyder, October 13, 2009
In an economic environment where wealthy people are the primary "early adopters" of green building technology, I applaud Habitat for bringing green building to affordable housing. But it's also important to keep in mind that "the greenest house is the one that's already built." We've got some 113 million houses in this country, and most of them are in dire need of energy-efficient upgrades --everything from air-sealing and insulation to womans levitra HVAC, lighting and water-heating upgrades aimed at saving energy. I hope we don't wait till fuel oil hits $4/gal. to put more attention on greening our existing housing stock.
Zero Energy Homes Instead
written by Owner Builder, October 22, 2009
Technology available today allows us to build Zero Energy Homes. Why don't more people reach for those standards? By using an efficient building system like ICF, SIPS, or spray foam insulation in your home, and adding thigns like solar panels and geothermal, it is very attainable. Sure it costs a little more, but think about the extra construction costs you have access to by not spending $300 - $500 in monthly energy costs. That will buy you many smart upgrades in your home. If you have a little time to invest while building your home as an owner builder, you can do it yourself and build a zero energy home for less than a conventional home. With the right help its a lot easier than you think. Visit to see for yourself just how easy it can be. We team you up with a licensed contractor and provide you a professional grade project management system that automates the where can i purchase viagra entire project for you.

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