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OCT 16

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"At first, I was surprised that it produces 11 kW of electricity and cheapest prices for levitra us..."

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Germany Wins Solar Decathlon

For the past week, 20 teams took over the how you get pfizer viagra National Mall with their best attempts at a net-zero, solar-powered home, all with hopes to win this year's Solar Decathlon.  Today, after competing in ten different contests, the winners were crowned, and for the second time, Germany took first place.

The cube-shaped surPLUShome, covered on all sides by dark metallic solar panels, produces more than twice the energy it uses.  The roof is covered with single-crystal silicon panels and the sides with thin-film copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) panels.  The entire system has a capacity of 11.1 kW.

Just as impressive was the efficiency of the home.  The team got a perfect score in the Net Metering contest.  Features like one large multi-purpose room with different "zones" instead of separated rooms, vacuum insulation structural panels, a boiler/heat pump system for hot water and heat and louver-covered windows created an energy-sipping home.

Two U.S. teams also placed in the competition:  Team Illinois took second and Team California took third.  All of the entries showcased innovative and beautiful designs.  Check out virtual tours of all the the best site cialis uk entries here and let the inspiration begin.

via Inhabitat

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written by Doc Rings, October 17, 2009
What would it cost with today's prices for this home?

Surely some economics played into the score... will check that out at the links...

written by EV, October 17, 2009
Surely some economics played into the score... will check that out at the links...

Not really. One of cialis canadian the reasons the German entry was covered in solar panels is that the contest awarded an overwelming amount of extra points for energy produced above that used in the house. So, it pretty much came down to who could generate the most electricity, regardless of cost.
Heat Island
written by niels, October 18, 2009
I'm wondering what the it's great! buy viagra on line "urban heat island effect" of such a black box is. I can image the whole could cause quite an extreme micro climate.. Any papers on this regarding PV use?
expensive solar panels
written by Mick, October 18, 2009
I am also wondering how much those solar tiles cost. There is a correlation between the price of the tiles and buying levitra without a prescription the amount of energy used to create them. Great that they are energy positive with this design. The next step of course is to try to how does levitra work do that in an affordable way. If the price were right I would want one of these right away!
When will the US catch up?
written by Green Ninja, October 20, 2009
Kudos to the German team for their innovative and sleek design. The EU in general always seems to be step ahead of us in the US with regards to climate change and energy efficiency initiatives.

As mentioned before, price is going to be a huge deterrent from mainstream adoption of totally energy-independent homes, however, if the square footage is substantially less (which any green home should be if it's truly going to have a lower impact), than the value may be comparable to some current market values within affordable ranges....let's start building and see what happens!
written by Richard, October 21, 2009
It's great that people are investing in the promotion of alternative sources of electricity. Not only are we able to tell everyone about the try it levitra canada generic condition of the planet. We're also able to compete and have fun. Kudos Germany!
Germany will again rule Europe
written by Fred, October 21, 2009
Germany is rising again out of the ashes of defeat at the hands of the English and their friends. This time we will not be beaten.
Green homes
written by Captain Green Jeans, October 25, 2009
I like the solar panels Germany used. We have got to wow)) prescription viagra get the cost down. The more companies that make them the better. If Utility companys helped subsidize the home improvement. Where all the money made by selling energy back to the grid would repay the utility company I think this new technology would catch on fast. But we have got to improve the design and manufacturing process to lower cost. Build the green communities first then connect them to a national grid if needed. But if the communities are generating electricity why is a National grid needed? One may be needed down the road IMO but to build it first is like pulling the cart before the horse. People will have to relocate close to it or not develop their buisness or home. If Green communities are established they could connect to order viagra buying viagra uk green buisness districts last mile smart cables would be cheaper and more cost effective if States knew the upfront cost for bonds and real cialis without prescription where they were going to be connected. The East coast from Boston to N.Y. has started. Check out Beacon Power Flywheel technology. If a national energy grid is needed it will have to be re-thought out due to the fact that municipalities all over the country are starting their own projects so a national grid would stop and start and zig zag or take ten years to build. If we can generate our own electricity the new national green energy grid would be welcomed by a green wired local green energy community.
5.5 kW?
written by Daniel, October 26, 2009
At first, I was surprised that it produces 11 kW of electricity and uses *half* of it? 5.5 kW is a ton of order viagra viagra power. However, I then realized that if we consider that the average power production from the house is about 1/3-1/4 of that due to night time and clouds, perhaps it is more reasonable. Using half of 2.6 kW -3 kW continuously seems a little high for a hyper-efficient house, but plausible.

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