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MAY 12

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"Alright, this is really new to how much does cialis cost me. I can hardly imagine how urea can b..."

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Sustainable Brick Made from Sand, Bacteria and levitra 50 mg Pee

It seems like pee, or more specifically urea, is becoming quite the how to buy viagra in canada sustainable ingredient.  Beyond being tapped as a good source of hydrogen, it's powering batteries and is now being used to make sustainable bricks.

Architect Ginger Krieg Dosier has designed a way of i use it levitra to order "growing" bricks by combining sand, bacteria, calcium chloride and urea, all easy-to-come-by materials.  Traditional brick-making is very energy-intensive, producing more pollution than global air travel each year.  It also consumes a lot of resources:  400 trees are burned to make 25,000 bricks.

These Better Bricks are created through a chain of chemical reactions known as microbial-induced calcite precipitation.  Once all the ingredients are combined, the bacteria serves as a glue that binds the sand together, creating a brick that is as tough as a fired-clay brick or even marble and requires no baking to achieve that strength.

If Better Bricks replaced all traditionally-fired bricks, 800 million tons of CO2 emissions would be eliminated each year.

via Inhabitat

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This is amazing!
written by Adem, May 12, 2010
My big concern is time. How long does it take to make these? I didn't see this important manufacturing detail in the original inhabitat article...
Week instead of two days, but other issue to be resolved yet.
written by Matt, May 12, 2010
From the BetterBrink link:

The future poses countless obstacles, too. She’ll have to levitra free pills figure out how to create a strong brick without squandering raw materials, and how to scale up for mass production given that the chemical process is inherently slow. (Dosier’s blocks take a week to grow; clay bricks can be made in two days.) But the most pressing hurdle is that the biobrick pollutes. Microbial-induced calcite precipitation spews tremendous amounts of ammonia, as scientists affiliated with Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, discovered recently when they tried the buy viagra where chemical process on contaminated sand and soil. “High ammonia concentrations result in environmental eutrophication and eventually, via microbial conversion to nitrate, the poisoning of levitra online 50mg groundwater,” the Delft researcher Henk Jonkers writes in an e-mail. If the bacteria continues to convert ammonia to nitrous oxide, he adds, it can produce a greenhouse gas 320 times more powerful than CO2. “The results show that working with natural processes is not necessarily equivalent to sustainable practices!”
Interesting points!
written by Marshall, May 12, 2010
Matt - Thanks for the insight into the process. Its easy to get excited about new technologies but this one appears to come at a cost.
Another approach to a more sustainable brick
written by Michael Chusid, May 13, 2010
Another approach to a more sustainable brick or paving stone is made by Calstar Products, They use fly ash, a recycled material, and a manufacturing process that cuts embodied energy and CO2 by 80 percent compared to fired clay bricks.
written by EV, May 13, 2010
It's also consumes a lot of resources: 400 trees are burned to make 25,000 bricks.
If Better Bricks replaced all traditionally-fired bricks, 800 million tons of CO2 emissions would be eliminated each year.

Wait a sec. I thought using trees, as wood is viagra in mexico a biofuel, is 'carbon neutral'. Hence no net CO2.
No credibility at all
written by Blake, May 14, 2010
400 trees to make 25,000 bricks
sounds suspiciously like someone has plucked some 'fresh' data from their nether regions.

Seriously folks, how many brickworks in the western world burn trees to make bricks? I don't think there are any or not very many.
written by Richardevans, May 14, 2010
Where the heck do they get the pee? seriously, I'd try something like this only when they can assure me it's safe and cialis online pharmacy no prescription won't grow nasty stuff inside my home.

Im just too meticulous when it comes to cleaning and similarly my wife even uses only organic and natural cleaners. you guys can check out our favorite brand, babyganics here:
written by Gubba, May 19, 2010
You know of course that fly ash is radioactive don't you?
Overcoming the potential pollution
written by Bert_Sandcaster, May 21, 2010
I think it is quite possible to overcome the potential pollution caused by the ammonia production ( the ammonia is mostly broken down during fruther calcite production, especially if other types of bacteria and certain other minerals are added.

I'm going to viagra lowest price be doing som DIY- R&D, experimenting with this technology by casting some bricks, floor tiles, and what-not. I will also be testing some (natural, non-toxic, and inexpensive) additives to see if this cuts down on ammonia off-gassing and NOx production.

A source of Urea.
written by Bert Sandcaster, May 21, 2010
Urea is available from any garden center as a fertilizer. So you don't have to pee into the cement mixer any more.

As for this concept not having any credibility, there actually is a lot of research on good choice cialis to order 'microbially-induced calcite production,' which is what this is.

These bricks are just a brilliant leap forward in a field of research and development which probably isn't yet 15 years old. Simplicity is levitra in india brilliant.
As are some grand dreams...
Google for Magnus Larsson's vision for this technology.
Fly ash..Not good idea
written by fox, May 26, 2010
Michael Chusid
"fly ash" radioactive...that not good idea a all
Nikola Tesla and My Thoughts
written by Branko, May 26, 2010
Bamboo (fast growing grass) and straw is a way to go for building. In combination with silicone (acetate), sodium-bicarbonate (10%) and cement (10%) it can be earthquake resistant. This system can extract CO2 from air.
Bricks made from pee, hmmmm..
written by Covey1969, May 27, 2010
I'm sorry we do not use toilets, except for number 2's, please pick a corner and tramadol for cats be apart of our home.
No, No..
It's ok, please refrain from cleaning your animals urine, it improves our homes stability and fortification.
A bulldozer couldn't break a wall..

What smell??

All kidding aside, I would totally try it out..
Sit back with a few buddies, several kegs of your favorite on tap and you'll have a home's worth of brick in no time at all, Just move the urinal and use a wheel barrel, now if you can get a screen with a game going you're all set.

Enjoy the new 2010 Recycled Beer on Tap, HOME!

Give me a shout and I'll help with the Molson Canadian Fireplace.
Urea as a Sustainable Material?
written by Swag Codes, January 11, 2012
Alright, this is really new to me. I can hardly imagine how urea can be used on any other stuffs, yet alone, as a brick for buildings. Thanks for the post though.

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