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DEC 29

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"Not impressed; ugly tower that the blimps make even uglier... what are..."

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New Tower Will Have Blimps on the Sides


The skyline of Taechung, the third largest city in Taiwan, will never be the same after the winner of the Taiwan Tower Conceptual International Competition was recently announced. The 390 meter (1,280 foot) tower looks like a docking station for airships with a number of large inflated elements on its sides. Designed by Romanian architect Dorin Stefan, the prizewinning scheme is slated to begin construction in 2012.

The plan is certainly audacious. The airships are helium-filled observatory "leaves" covered with PTFE (the same lightweight, transparent construction used for the famous "Water Cube" from the alternative viagra for women 2008 Beijing Olympics) which can carry as many as 72 people up and no prescription dhl delivered tramadol down the sides of the tower. The rest of the building features many other green and high-tech elements, including geothermal heating and water heating in the basement, natural ventilation through the "chimney" effect, solar cells and axially mounted wind turbines around the building's core for power, fiber optic lighting for its basements, and a rainwater collection and purification system.

via: NextBigFuture

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written by Roger, December 29, 2010
Those blimp "leaves" are cool an all, but are they just a feature or do they solve some sort of viagra 50mgs functional problem?
Save The Power
written by Rachel, December 29, 2010
Make Green IT a priority by implementing power management policies To save the world.
written by alain, December 30, 2010
Totally gratuitous waste of helium, the price of which is at the moment artificially low due to former government subsidy in its production and present liquidation sale due to its withdrawal. No replacement source is in sight.
@Alain - are you sure about this?
written by James, January 03, 2011
Sure Helium stockpiles are low at the present time, but surely some additional Helium can be manufactured in China.

Certain plants produce Helium as a byproduct of photosynthesis as well, I don't see why helium could not be produced by large scale plantations.
written by Brian, January 05, 2011
Not impressed; ugly tower that the blimps make even uglier... what are they thinking???

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