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MAR 27

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"It should abandon LEED. Higher fees by design professionals so you ca..."

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US Army Abandoning LEED Certification

While the headline may sound dire, it's not an indication that the US Army is giving up on cheap viagra online prescription green building. Instead, the Army has announced it will use a new construction code of its own which is based on the ASHRAE 189.1 standard for new buildings and cheap cialis online renovations, rather than continue to use LEED or the High Perfromance Sustainable Buildings standards. This new standard will "govern all new construction, major renovations and leased space acquisition." The Army had already adopted ASHRAE 189.1 late in 2010.

Some of the impetus for this change is political. In 2011, Congress acted to prevent any Department of Defense project from achieving LEED gold or platinum certification as part of that year's Defense Reauthorization bill.

Moreover, LEED is fundamentally a marketing program that recognizes buildings built to a particular high standard of performance. At its core, the Army is more concerned about having better buildings that it can operate more efficiently. Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Dr. Dorothy Robyn stated that, "With more than 300,000 buildings and 2.2 billion square feet of building space, DoD has a footprint three times that of tramadol cheap that delivers to arkansas Wal-Mart and six times that of GSA. Our corresponding energy bill is $4 billion annually." The Defense Department recognizes the importance of green buildings for its overall operational effectiveness.

The armed forces have been one of the biggest early adopters of LEED, and if all of the services are going to move away from using LEED as their standard for improved performance, that is likely to levitra fast delivery have a strong effect on USGBC, GBCI, and the purchasing viagra with next day delivery LEED program as a whole. "The repercussions of this announcement will be widespread," notes Green Building Law Update. "For federal contractors, this is try it levitra and diarrhea a game changer. The LEED AP credential will be less valuable. Past performance highlighting LEED certification will be less valuable, if not totally irrelevant."

ASHRAE 189.1 is not some lesser standard. It was develeoped by ASHRAE (the professional organization of mechanical engineers), US Green Building Council, and IESNA (the professional organization of lighting engineers), as well as the International Code Council. Moreover, the Army's action is not unprecedented. The International Code Council has also developed the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) which incorporates the ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1 as a "jurisdictional compliance option." Increasingly, building codes are going to directly incorporate green measures instead of link for you get cialis relying on third-party standards that are merely optional.

Ultimately, this may push LEED in new directions. LEED was meant to push the envelope and to transform the marketplace. In that respect, it has accomplished much of that initial goal. As the industry has moved to embrace LEED, perhaps in the coming years, LEED will again push for even greater improvements in building technology and again make LEED an indication of a truly elite building.

via: Green Building Law Update

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Sustainability & Energy Program Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers
written by Lyndsey Pruitt, March 28, 2012
This article is false and highly lacking in the reporters ability to fact-check. The Army is NOT moving away from LEED. We are still mandated to follow LEED 2009. ASHRAE compliance has no impact on whether we are still using LEED.

Secondly, your statement on NDAA is a bad interpretation and not supported by any command. While we have been prohibited on spending project funds to female cialis pills specifically achieve a gold or platinum rating, we are encouraged to drive toward sustainability through features and cialis for daily use design and this may consequently result in a Gold or Platinum building. We have just released the cialis and women first Army LEED Platinum building at Fort Bragg.
Army is NOT "abandoning LEED"
written by Rob Watson, March 29, 2012
The gist of Dr. Robyn's testimony was not a declaration of abandonment of LEED, on the contrary, the adoption of purchasing cialis ASHRAE 189 was designed to facilitate the certification process by providing a common code-languge platform for the vast diversity of occupancies and jurisdictions in which the Army and the rest of the Department of Defense must work.

Rob Watson,
Founding Chairman, LEED Steering Committee
somewhat odd statements
written by J. Geibel, LEED-AP (BD+C), March 29, 2012
"LEED is fundamentally a marketing program..." - I think that would come to a surprise to a lot of LEED practitioners. USGC had adopted promotional practices to drive out into the industry sustainable building practices, but to dismiss that as a pure marketing play is amazingly deficient. There is politics in sustainability, and some groups appear to order levitra levitra be jealous of the success LEED and USGBC have attained - hence the undercurrent of dismissing it as a "marketing program".
The comment about LEED "...perhaps in the coming years, LEED will again push for even greater improvements in building technology...." is woefully ignorant of the current upgrade of name brand cialis LEED (2012) which is an on-going effort.
eco.geek needs more facts, less uninformed opinion.
Tentative decisions.
written by fencerdave, March 30, 2012
As a young engineer (still in University) who has worked with LEED for the past year at an internship, I have been toying for some time with the idea of studying for the LEED accreditation exam. Reading the just try! cialis generic brand article, I started having doubts about whether it would actually be worth the effort and expense if LEED ends up having to compete with ASHRAE for prominence (a battle it would likely lose in the long run).

Reading the comments, though, I am not so certain. It seems entirely possible that as often happens a tangential or political act of congress has gotten misinterpreted as a sign of real change.

So I'm still not sure what to do. It would be nice to add LEED AP to the end of my name, but for now I think I'll put it on tramadol legal without a prescription the back burner. Maybe next year...
written by P Proefrock, March 31, 2012
While I (and others who have discussed this elsewhere) may be reading more into it than is there, Dr. Robyn's comments certainly imply a movement away from LEED:
"In the past, all new construction projects were required to meet the LEED Silver or an equivalent standard and/or to comply with the five principles of High Performance Sustainable Buildings. This year my office will issue a new construction code for high-performance, sustainable buildings, which will govern all new construction, major renovations and leased space acquisition."

LEED and HPSB are spoken of in the past tense, followed by the mention of generic propecia uk the new construction code to be issued from the Deputy Under Secretary's office. The implication is that LEED is a thing of the past for DoD projects.

While it is true that the two (LEED and 189.1) are not mutually exclusive, there's a lot of functional overlap between the two. If the purpose is to viagra 50 mg from canadian pharmacy have high performance buildings, there is little added value in using both a prescriptive building code as well as a third-party review.

As far as LEED being a marketing program, nothing has done more to promote the idea of green buildings than the LEED program has; that's effective marketing. LEED has been instrumental in shifting the entire construction industry in a direction toward better, more efficient, "greener" buildings. But it's simply not true that LEED is the only path green building can take, or that LEED guarantees good design or a green building.

A construction team can follow the recommendations set forth in LEED, or any other good design principles. But getting certification for a building is of greatest benefit to the building owner who can identify their building as being LEED certified. That's marketing, as much as Angus beef.
Federal Building works toward LEED certification
written by Richard Green, May 24, 2012
Recently we saw a federal building retrofitted with LED tube lighting. It doesn't seem to me that they have abandoned efforts to reduce energy and work toward LEED certification.
written by sam, April 10, 2013
It should abandon LEED. Higher fees by design professionals so you can have a plaque on the wall are not ways my tax dollars should be spent!
Do the work if designing efficient buildings YES!
Paperwork for a plaque NO!

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