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Green Castle: Live Like a King (in 1,500 Sq Feet)

Let's get serious people. You can't live a green lifestyle in an 8,000 square foot home. Even if it's entirely powered by solar panels, the manufacturing footprint alone is going to put you head and shoulders above the average American.

For a long time, home builders faced the same problem as Detroit. They thought that smaller meant cheaper. So if you wanted a house with ultra-efficient windows and solar panels, then you were looking at a mansion. If you wanted a smaller home, with less air to heat, then you were stuck with buying either a 50 year-old home, or a home that was built for a low price point.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with a man who's trying to tramadol 50 mg change all that. Shawn Harvey of Green Castle has designed three low-footprint, small but beautiful homes for people who want to live a nice life without owning the landscape.

The houses are built with super-insulating filled concrete and incorporate a 3000 watt solar system into each of the online pharmacy canada viagra homes. All of the lighting throughout the house is LED, meaning it will be ultra-efficient from day one with no investment for the buyer.

Of course, for a small house, they come with an unusually large price tag, about $280,000 not including land. But it's going to make you a heck of click now online pharmacy cialis a lot greener than a Prius ever will.



NYC's New Incredible Eco-Island

The City and State of New York bought an old island off it's coast from the federal government for a whopping $1 in 2003. Since then, they've been struggling to turn the once dilapidated island into a tourist destination. But now, with a plan from West 8, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, and Rogers Marvel Architects, the Governor's Island is going to become one of New York's most interesting and greenest tourist (and local) destinations.

The park will be traveled only by pedestrians and bicyclists, and everyone will have access to a huge bank of wooden bicycles for use on the island. The designers will create a huge amount of artificial topography using fill from construction projects in the city.  The focus of the attractions will be in local nature. A floating restaurant will serve seafood straight from the Hudson, a marine center will open the levitra online in usa eyes of young ecogeeks to the splendor of viagra no rx our ocean and several rubber bubble buildings will contain botanical and viagra pfizer canada aquatic research centers.

Via Inhabitat


It’s a Solar Panel AND A Wind Turbine! Hmm…

Menir House began as Architect Andreas Angelidakis’ never-submitted entry for a design competition. The original proposal consisted of a rock-shaped house sitting under an umbrella on the beach. Recently, though he modified the umbrella part – now the house sits under an umbrella-shaped solar installation! But why stop there? The umbrella is shaped like a flower with petals that act as the blades of a windmill, driving a turbine when the winds start to blow.

No matter what the weather, then, the umbrella will be able to generate power. It's an interesting concept, but there would be some obvious difficulties if anyone tried to actually build it.

Most of said difficulties would arise from the fact that the cialisbest cialis best materials for building wind turbine blades are not usually the best materials for building solar panels, and vice versa. Solar panels aren’t designed to withstand heavy mechanical strain the way turbine blades are. So you would need to design a new kind of solar panel, which is a job and a half in itself. Furthermore, that kind of wind turbine would have to sacrifice a good deal of its efficiency unless it can be made smooth and aerodynamic.

Maybe one day solar and wind technologies will be so ubiquitous that Mr. Angelidakis’ vision can be realized, but until then the albeit pretty picture doesn’t seem to make that much technological sense.

Via Yanko Design


Heat-Seeking Raygun Will Save You Cash

In a very literal way, the Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector is a heat-seeking raygun. It seeks heat, and tells you when it's not finding enough. And, when it senses a drop or increase in heat (because there is a compromised seal in a window, door, or wall joint) the "rays" (light) it fires change color. OK, maybe I'm stretching a little.

Pretty awesome though, especially for something that will only cost $39.99. There are a lot of services out there that will scan your whole house for heat leaks (and one city in the UK that is link for you usa generic cialis doing it for the whole city with spyplanes). But there's never been a way (aside from feeling with your hand) to do it yourself. Which is good news for homeowners, since sealing drafts can save you up to 20% on your home heating and cooling.

First you fire the gun at the wall, to give it a reference point, and then you just shoot the wall, windows and doors to find any temperature changes. You can set it to viagra without prescription uk pharmacy sense temperature changes of it's great! cialis cheap canada 1, 5 or 10 degrees F. So once you've gone over the i want to buy cialis house to fix any big leaks, you can start working on the smaller ones.

Via GoodCleanTech


New Green City Proposed For South Korea

Sometimes I get the feeling that all the people who used to draw concept art for Star Wars have all quit their jobs and jumped on the green architecture bandwagon. Not that this is a bad thing – when it comes to making the future a reality, I say there’s no better time than the present.

The new city proposed by the Dutch firm MVRDV is certainly futuristic. Its buildings are giant mounds of varying pointy-ness awash in greenery. The city, large enough to hold some 77,000 people, circumvents the need for any kind of road or rail by bringing everything a person could need – housing, workplace, entertainment, shopping, etc. – within walking distance. The firm explains that the purpose of the rising concentric circles is to provide all inhabitants with a terrace upon which to grow the generic levitra hedges seen in the picture above. The hedges, in turn, help with the building’s ventilation and generic for cialis are fed with water leftover from other uses.

If the Urban Innovation Corporation of Gyeonggi province in South Korea decides that they like the proposal, and that it is feasible, construction could start by 2011.

Via Inhabitat

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