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New LEED for Greener Buildings

Greener buildings are an essential element for a greener future. In the United States, buildings are responsible for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions anually. People spend the majority of their time inside buildings, as well. And the materials and buy viagra sale goods that are used for the purchase propecia without a prescription construction of buildings make up a sizable percentage of the production and transportation that goes on.

The U.S. Green Building Council has been a leader in promoting green building and in raising awareness of the importance of click here viagra oral gel green buildings for a better environment. Through the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program, buildings are recognized for meeting green criteria. LEED offers a system to evaluate the benefits of green building design and encourages practices to increase energy efficiency and decrease the waste of material resources.

At the Greenbuild conference and expo going on this week, the USGBC has announced that the canadian non prescription viagra latest version of LEED, called LEED 2009, has been approved by the membership of the USGBC, and will take effect next year. The new version of LEED addresses some of the earlier criticisms aimed at the program, such as the imbalance between points awarded in the rating system and rx online levitra the importance of the various elements and the difficulty in implementing them.


New Eco-Friendly Drywall Wins Popular Science Award

Serious Materials has won Popular Science's "Best of What's New" Award in green tech innovation for their eco-friendly drywall called EcoRock.

What makes this drywall so special? EcoRock requires 80 percent less energy to produce and cuts CO2 output by 90 percent compared to traditional gypsum-based drywall. These reductions in energy and CO2 are accomplished by eliminating heaters, dryers, calcining and burning of buy discount viagra fossil fuels. The material congeals without heat and no mining is necessary in its production. It uses 85 percent recycled content and is natural viagra pills fully recyclable. The company claims it holds up even better than gypsum drywall.

In contrast, traditional drywall is made by mining and we like it cheap viagra canada then roasting gypsum rock in 500 degree kilns. Drywall factories produce about 20 billion pounds of greenhouse gases a year.

EcoRock is just one of the company's many green building products like ThermaProof insulated windows and sustainable sound-proof doors. EcoRock costs $14 - $20 per 4x8-foot sheet, about the same as high-end drywall and will be available starting in 2009.

via GoodCleanTech and Popular Science


Tianjin EcoCity to Be Green...Somehow...

It's going to take 10 to 15 years to build but when it's completed, China's vision of an eco city will be a model of sustainability or at the very least ease some of the constraints of the migration of millions of it's great! buy levitra china residents from rural areas to urban centers.

Many countries are trying to make eco cities in limited spaces. Dubai has its version of a self-sufficient city of the future using the ancient temples of Mesopotamia as a guide.

China's model city, which had a groundbreaking last week in Tianjin, with the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao and a senior government representative from Singapore, is a joint project between the two Asian countries. Since July, the city-to-be has been under construction of the infrastructure bones from its pipelines to telecommunication facilities in its inner city site.


Cucumbers on the 23rd floor?

Imagine strolling a few steps in your underwear to pick fresh tomatoes from the garden, without ever leaving your apartment. All that and more in an urban desert, no less. Israeli architectural firm Knafo-Klimor recently won an international competition for their design of a modern apartment building that incorporates interior gardens into its residential units. The high-rise has 4 columns, the exterior two consisting of standard living spaces, while the two interior form contiguous, vertical gardens, attached to each individual apartment.

Engineering tricks allow for sunlight and heat to canadian pharmacy viagra legal enter through the windows and create greenhouse conditions, while also blocking them in summer, reducing air-conditioning needs. Given that the gardens are elevated and very good site inexpensive viagra interior, fewer insects wander in, hence less call for pesticide. Purified gray water from the residences and rain water drawn from the roof are collected for automated irrigation, allowing for virtually fuss-free gardens.

Basically, plant seeds, watch them grow, and enjoy. Aside from the gardens, the residential areas themselves leave a clean conscience, as the buildings will generate most of their own electricity and water. The whole structure aims to use green residential technology to the fullest, thusly maximum self-sufficiency with minimal impact.


White Roofs for a Green Planet

Why the eff did we decide that having all the ultram uk buy roofs in the world be black was a good idea? I mean, I know, tar is black, and that's what most roofs are sealed with, but I really can't imagine a much dumber decision.

Sure, it's great in the winter, when the roof becomes a giant solar heat collector. But there's no way to turn that giant solar heat collector off when the summer rolls around.

Simply painting roofs white in warm climates could decrease air conditioning bills for those buildings by 20%. That's one reason why California has required all new buildings to have white roofs for the past few years.

But now there's even more reason to spend the extra dough. It looks like, if all the roofs in the world were white, enough sunlight would reflect back into the atmosphere to significantly reduce the effects of global warming. WTF?! Such a simple change, such a massive effect!

This new study says that if the 100 biggest cities painted all their roofs white, and switched their road materials to cheap generic viagra lighter colors (concrete instead of asphalt) it would reflect enough light and heat back into space to entirely offset the warming of the last few decades.

It's not a true fix for the problem, obviously, for that, we need clean, sustainable energy. But it could buy us enough time to make the changes we truly need.

Via TreeHugger

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