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Green Spaces Dramatically Lower Urban Temps

Living in New York, I sometimes notice that I'm walking on what appears to be a leopard-spotted sidewalk, littered with months' -- years'? -- worth of discarded chewing gum and low cost propecia other tasty treats, melted and turned black by the levitra philippines sun to become near-permanent fixtures, not to mention landmines in hot months.

Should we have maybe taken a hint from this earlier? writes that U. of Manchester wiseguys stared at data long enough to tell us this: a small increase in green spaces in cities could go a long way toward making said cities suck less in the summer.

More scientifically, "a mere 10% increase in the amount of green space in cities would reduce average urban surface temperatures by as much as 4°C," or 7° or 8° Fahrenheit.

It's kind of like those fancy jackets with the airholes in the armpits: Green spaces collect water and release it, like so many magicians' doves, back into the air via the, er, magic of evaporation. Then lovely assistants come out and spread the cool air around the audience -- OK, it's not like a jacket, it's like a magic show!

Via GreenGeek


The First LEED Platinum Carbon-Neutral Building

OK...this is pretty much the greenest building that has ever existed. The Aldo Leopold Foundation Headquarters in Fairfield, WI, has just been opened to buy online pill viagra some hoppin' green reviews. LEED is the purchasing levitra with next day delivery organization that certifies buildings as energy efficient, and this center has won its highest award. And while that's been done before, it's never been done with a 100% carbon-neutral building.

It wears its carbon neutrality right on its sleeve with 198 solar panels that are rated at about 40 kilowatts, or 15% more than the center needs. The building also uses passive and radiant heating and some geothermal energy. And hey, it only cost 'em $4 million.

For more pictures and information, check out Inhabitat.


WIRED's Green Home Open for Business

If you're in the LA area in the next couple of days, be sure to stop by the WIRED Home. Designed by Ray Kappe and going for $4 million, this is the green home for the rich. WIRED partnered up with LivingHomes, a pioneer in the green, pre-fab homes, to produce a truly gadget-filled yet efficient house that any EcoGeek would love to have.
The house, being pre-fab, is contructed mainly in the factory, but they did incorporate these components into an existing structure on the site in order to minimize materials going to landfill. With this in mind, it still only took two and half days to complete the whole structure, which is pretty amazing. At just over 4,000 square feet, it's a pretty big space, but being LEED-certified, it has much less of an impact on the environment, using such things as reclaimed wood from military barracks and recycled glass in countertops and windows. They expect to save about 36% of the energy a typical home of online pharmacy tramadol usps shipping the same size would use... plus have lots of fun with these gadgets!

Skyscraping Forest Condos for Mumbai

When I say a skyscraper is green, I generally mean that it uses less energy, generates some of its own power, and uses water efficiently. But the 27-story Antilla tower being planned for Mumbai is actually green. Several of the building's exterior walls will be covered in vegetation and the buying viagra without prescription skyscraper itself will contain several parks!

The tower itself is high enough to be a 60-story building, but several of the levels are extremely high, including one that looks to best place to purchase viagra online have full-sized trees on it. However, aside from containing and being covered by plants, we're not sure that this building is actually going to be green in the less literal sense.

Via Inhabitat


$20 Billion Market for Green Homes

According to the recently released Green Homeowner SmartMarket™ Report produced by McGraw-Hill Construction, the market for ‘true green homes’ is expected to rise from $2 billion to $20 billion over the next five years. According to the study, a ‘true green home’ is defined as homes that contain elements in 3 of 5 environmental building categories including: Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Water Efficiency, Resource Efficiency, and Site Management. Keep in mind that the study was cosponsored by the National Association of Home Builders and the definitions were pulled from the NAHB’s Model Green Building Guidelines. Some would say that the

NAHB’s guidelines aren’t tough enough and point to the USGBC’s LEED for Homes program as a tougher standard.

Regardless of your program preference, the 36-page report points to a growing awareness by the consumer of needs for green home products and practices. Results more clearly define the green home market opportunity and the profile of those buyers of green homes and home building products. While the housing market in general may be suffering, it’s reassuring to know that Green homeowners are happy with their homes and are recommending them at higher rates than other categories. Lastly, standard homes are becoming increasingly green, with homeowners using green products for 40% of their remodeling work. It looks like were making progress, one tract home at a time.

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