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NOV 13

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"Nothing says “I Love You” this Valentines..."

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EcoGeek Holiday Gift Guide

Let's face want stuff...and you're not gonna get anything cool if you don't give in return. That's why EcoGeek is happy to provide a list of some of the ecogeekiest holiday gifts for all your friends and buy viagra cialis family. In general, we're only in favor of buying stuff that allows you to consume less stuff. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for your holiday gift giving.

The iPod Nano and iTunes Cash
The iPod Nano is one gadget that you can feel good about giving. The Nano contains no hazardous materials, is easy to recycle, and uses very little power. But even better, iTunes lets you buy music without any physical complications. No plastic CDs, no international shipping, just instant green gratification.

The Zonbu Zero Emissions PC
For the true uber-geek, the Zonbu is a fascinating alternative to buying viagra without a prescription traditional computing. The people at Zonbu have created a Linux PC that uses less than 10 watts of power (a tenth of a regular desktop). And they've done it by having the buy cialis online us PC store most of its data remotely. The Zonbu will only set you back $99, but a subscription to their service that gives you online storage space, constant software updates, and technical support will set you back $12.95 a month or more. And while the specs (512 megs of we like it herbal alternative to levitra ram, 1.2 ghz processor) aren't that impressive, they're more than enough to handle the Linux operating system.

The Nintendo Wii
The Wii is it's cool canadian healthcare the only home gaming system of this generation that is built on efficient technology. Nintendo's policy with the Wii was to focus on fun, not performance. As a result, the Wii is up to 10 times more efficient than the XBOX 360 or the Playstation 3. The only bad news is that the Wii is designed to remain constantly plugged-in and online, so you can expect your Wii to use most of its power while you're not even playing.

The Flip and Tumble Bag
We all know that we shouldn't use plastic bags when shopping. But it's a pain to remember to bring an extra bag with you wherever you go. Which is why the lowest cost viagra Flip and Tumble Bag is so awesome. The bag folds up to roughly the size of a tennis ball for storage in a purse, and then becomes a large grocery bag in seconds!


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DryerMax Dryer Balls
written by Amar Khubani, December 02, 2007
Hey guys, an awesome green item that can be used by basically everyone is the Dryer Balls by DryerMax. They replace chemical dryer sheets and dry your clothes faster saving energy & money. Your clothes are also softer and fluffier because no chemicals are used. Check it out at Let me know what you think. Thanks!
recharge those batteries
written by dave everett, December 05, 2007
The website will give you all the info needed when purchasing rechargeable batteries this year. There is info on what types are best for what application, how to recycle them and more!
written by yoga, December 07, 2007
i think this is a waste of time.. bye losers.. :P
written by :), December 07, 2007
your a loser ^ get a life .

haa yeah so the green labtop is cool
written by ema, December 12, 2007
;D >:( :( :'(
Love these bags!
written by Pamela, December 14, 2007
There are so many nice ones out now and cheap cialis online online it really inspires whoever spots you at the time you're shopping. Great way to keep our world beautiful :)

the green laptop
written by rowie, December 19, 2007
Hmmm may i know how much the green laptop? :)
Green Valentines Day Ideas
written by Mike Rush, February 06, 2008
Nothing says “I Love You” this Valentines like a Commitment-Fearing (eco-friendly) Firelog:

Just remember, if you’re a couple looking to heat up your love life and bedroom (literally) this Valentines, a fire can offer warmth, romance, and nostalgia. New all-natural Pine Mountain firelogs, made from recycled sawdust and vegetable wax, burn 80% cleaner than ordinary firewood!

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