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AUG 16

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Ask the EcoGeek: How Can I Make My Computer Efficient?

Dear EcoGeek,

My parents are always bugging me about computer usage and how the computers are sucking up energy. I want to know what I can do so that my computer doesn't waste so much energy? I totally wanna go green and save the Earth from Global Warming!

- Lukas

Hey Lukas,

You probably won't be surprised to discover that I spend quite a bit of time thinking about this very question. First, you should let your parents to know that your computer, with all of it's amazing opportunities for educational, economic and social advancement likely uses less power than the light bulbs in that share the room with it.

Most desktop computers use between 100 to 150 watts. Now, this goes way up if you've got some kind of monster high-end gaming system, but 100 watts is a pretty good energy investment for what these glorious machines give my opinion anyhow.

But that doesn't mean that they're aren't steps you can take to the best place best online generic viagra decrease your computer's power usage.

First, it's important to realize that computers use varying amounts of power depending on what they're doing. So writing an email doesn't use as much power as playing Unreal Tournament. However, when your computer is completely idle, even if your monitor is off, it still is probably pulling about 100 watts from the wall. And when you're not using your computer that's a pretty significant amount of waste.

So always either shut down or suspend the operation of your computer when it's going to be idle for a long time. This is the most important step we can take to decrease computer use. Of course, sometimes it's hard to remember. Which is why I like to use Snap's CO2Saver application. It keeps an eye on the way I use my computer, and idles my machine when I'm not using it. It also lets you know how much CO2 you've saved by using the application's new settings. Unfortunately it only works withy XP and Vista.

It's also really important to consider not just the cost of the united healthcare viagra energy needed to power your machine, but also the energy required to create it. By most measures, more energy goes into creating a computer than will ever be used to viagra uk keep it running. So one of the best ways to lower your computing carbon footprint is to try and keep your machine alive. You can do this a few ways. Don't weigh your computer down with too many unnecessary applications. Learn how to upgrade and fix your computer when things go wrong, and never complain about taking your machine in to a repair shop. You're doing the right thing for your pocket book and the environment.

And when you do finally need to upgrade (I like to try and make my computers last at least five years) look into computers that are designed specifically for efficiency. A new breed of low-energy desktops like the Zonbu and Shuttle are drawing far less than traditional PC's. Dell, Toshiba and HP are all looking into low-energy solutions. Additionally, laptops will always be far more energy efficient than desktops, because they have to be designed to visit web site viagra on line run on battery power.

I hope that's a help to you and everybody else who's concerned about PC power use. But don't fret too much, you'll save way more by changing your light bulbs than your computer.

EcoGeek of the Week is a weekly column provided by and only for you canadian healthcare cialis syndicated all over the net. If you'd like to ask a question, or if you're interested in syndicating the column, just email the EcoGeek.

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written by JS, August 17, 2007
I think now would be a good time to plug Learn to build your own machine - evaluate components for power consumption and use all the used/recycled components you can scrounge or get from Craigslist! Maybe even try to eliminate fans if you're hardcore... Also, use an LCD to save a bunch of power, turn off/unplug peripherals' wall-warts, and refill printer ink cartridges if possible.
Keeping old laptops useful
written by intensive driving, August 17, 2007
Old laptops (win98 vintage) can still be very effective with PuppyLinux - like Damn Small Linux but a little easier. l have a couple of old IBMs that run quicker on Puppy than many new computers running Vista...
new powersaving in linux
written by sam, August 17, 2007
The linux developers have done a lot to lower power consumption recently. Fedora 7 has some of the work (dynamic ticks), and fedora 8 and ubuntu 7.10 will have more.

Also turn screen savers. if you do not need to see what is on the screen then turn off the screen. screen savers waste energy from the monitor being on and from increased CPU usage
written by randomelginguy, August 17, 2007
One helpful thing I have found to tramadol prices use with my computer is the smart powerstrips, I have one by oneclick
This will switch off all your peripherals when you switch off your desktop and switch them all on when you switch it on. It will save a lot of energy that would have been wasted on standby.
written by Listen, August 17, 2007
Make Your Computer Carbon Neutral — FREE!
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written by Pedro, August 17, 2007
I have to agree with JS's notion of making your PC last longer by fixing it yourself. With just a little research, online deals and some tools, it's pretty easy to get to the bottom of most problems and cialis pfizer repair them cheaply. Much better than paying out the nose for a repair service or tossing the whole thing for a new one.
why not just put it to good use.
written by Matt Jacobson, August 18, 2007
If you're computer is going to be on, why not use the excess cpu cycles to try and do something good, rather than guible about how you are using energy. I feel that if it is doing productive work it is energy well spent. Try Folding@Home, it works to use your computer to run calculations for important medical research.
Sleep mode
written by Liza, August 18, 2007
I always put my computer (a relatively new laptop) in "Sleep" mode when I'm going to be away from it for more than even two minutes. If I'll be away for more than a day or so, I turn it off. Sleep mode uses less than 1% of its battery power per hour, generally, for my computer. The battery works for between 2 hours, 45 minutes and 3 hours when fully charged. "Sleep" mode also lets you keep most programs, files, and projects (not instant messaging programs, though) open and doesn't shut them down. It's really a great idea, whether for a laptop or a desktop.
more efficient powersupplies
written by JOeCanadian, August 18, 2007
You can get a Mini ITX type motherboard and build a PC with a energy efficient powersupply... My pc runs less then 30watts and runs a centeno 1.7 1gb ram and debian linux I have it built into a suitcase (small one with a lcd .. I have most of the harddrive saving power and power off screen features turned on and it helps that i use a laptop harddrive and don't leave things like a cd rom plugged into it .. when I need it I attach it...

less power then a laptop.. easy to get replaceable parts.. I used my old thinkpad cpu (479)

take care.. next is a gel battery and buying levitra in usa inverter charge controler with a pannel (solar)

Energy savings
written by J Smith, August 18, 2007
Get a "kill-a-watt" meter ($25 online) and test your equipment around the house. I have a pc running about 28-30 watts (and a 40 watt desk lamp). Monitor runs about 90 watts. Shut monitors down when not using (not just "sleep").

You'll do more electricity savings looking at air conditioner temperature, open windows at night and in the morning and close before 10am to capture cold air, use a programable thermostat summer & winter, check refridgerator and freezer and hot water tank temperatures. Line dry some heavier clothes like jeans, turn the order viagra pill TV off when no one is watching it. And so on.

Manufacturing a new computer consumes two tons of raw materials, recycling consumes large amounts of viagra sale buy energy grinding, sorting, and making new parts. Lowest energy drain is to reuse or extend the life of existing hardware. Since Microsoft has discontinued support for anything prior to order cialis XP these are perfect candidates for a modern Linux ( and pick your favorite). Then keep it, sell it, or give it away.

Actual Power Supply Drain
written by gaylard, August 18, 2007
So if I have a 600 watt power supply on a computer that only really needs a 90 watt supply, am I constantly draining the full 600 watts on my meter? Or do power supplies intelligently manage their power draw?
Power Usage
written by Michael, August 18, 2007
Power supplies are rated in PEAK power, not normal usage. Under normal usage you would use 100-150 watts, maybe less.

Remember, power = V*A
Power Drain
written by Jerry, August 18, 2007
I don't know how any of the posters are getting such low power usage. I have an older 2.0 GHz Athlon machine and with hard drives powered off and soft viagra quick delivery the monitor off this thing still chews through 150 watts. It's over 200 with the monitor on. I have tried setting the computer to go into suspend mode, but something keeps it awake and it's not the network card.
RE: why not just put it to good use.
written by Chris, August 18, 2007
Sorry Matt but I only agree partially. It's good to put those cycles to good use but only when you have a relatively new PC for that. Running these things on older machines will effectively contribute to waste per job done as those PC's are much slower, yet still use more power than today's machines.

I do agree with the lighting solution. I have my pc in the living room of the apartment. I rented it and there are 4 clusters of light of 180 watt each! First thing I did was replace them with 18 watt energy saving bulbs so that's about one third per cluster. I also used to keep the tv running to watch the brand viagra pfizer canada news. I still had a tv card laying around so put this in my pc.. so I'm saving quite a bit. Enough to see the impact of a few tens of levitra online store dollars on my bills every month.

Another tip. If you have ample space.. provide for enough ventilation for your pc. I had my pc in a storage room and ran long cables at my other place... No noise, no heat -> No AC :-D
Processor Brand
written by randomelginguy, August 18, 2007
Another saving would be your choice in Processor brand. AMD processor chips are generally more energy efficient than Intel chips. Intel are slowly catching up with the efficiency, but its probably a safer bet going with AMD as they use less power.
written by unknown, August 18, 2007 saves energy by making a Google search page completely which is mostly black. Their about page tells more about how much energy you save by not viewing an all white page
If only...
written by delpar, August 18, 2007
If only I could leave my system off when im not using it. Unfortunately it's never idle. In fact, it's been on and humming along for 7 years. Hopefully my next computer will be able to throttle the CPU when the system is idle or something to conserve power use, but still keep the system running for the tasks that need to be running.
RE: Processor Brand
written by Anon, August 18, 2007
Up until just over a year ago, I would have agreed with you that AMD was the best option if you are interested in efficiency, but since Intel released their Core 2 architecture they are offering much better performance per watt at the moment.

I have heard very good things about AMD's new Phenom processors, but I will wait until they are actually released and can be used by lots of independent testers before saying they will be better.
Unreal Tournament? What the Hell ever.
written by Anon, August 18, 2007
Next time you try to seem "cool to only for you cialis medication the Kidz" try hanging out with one first.
written by bla, August 18, 2007
The thing about White pages is a myth , wel sortof.

On CRT monitors u will save some % , but on a lcd screen its ezer to make white then black

Black even costs more power since the cialis refractory light has to be blocked

Cant find it now , but the explanotion should be somewhere on
written by bla, August 18, 2007
worthy investment
written by Live tv, August 18, 2007
Well you could easily buy a solar generator, they're like $100 bucks but they can spare you on some of the energy costs. They basically have a little solar panel that you put by a window and it connects up to a medium sized battery, which you can then plug electronic devices in to. The battery can be charged by electric socket or solar energy (sun light) - but it will take more time if by solar.
False Economies - Money and Time in Over
written by Savings and cheapest cialis Investment, August 18, 2007
One point is being missed here
There can be overall net savings in costs and overall cost structures as well as the money left over for the owner and consumer
Broadband computer technologies allow for savings in that previously consumers had to drive , spend gas , time parking money to obtain information , product information and services that they can easily get without spending those costs by simply going on line,
This can result in a net savings of costs to the person who pays for the power bill for the computer.
In addition the waste heat from the computer can provide to cialis online canada no prescription heat a room ( in the winter and fall time)
written by Jeff Omelchuck, August 20, 2007
For those wanting a greener computer or monitor check out EPEAT is an on-line database of over 500 laptops, desktops, and monitors and their environmental attributes. Products are rated as bronze, silver, or gold based on 51 different environmental criteria, including energy consumption.
Good tips, but you can go further/simple
written by Frank, August 20, 2007
I added a few simpler tips to the list in my blog:, I was thinking along the lines of things I could tell my mom or girlfriend to do that they would understand. That's a good starter list but it could go further to save people money and energy.
RE: why not just put it to good use.
written by cprise, August 20, 2007
I concur that running Folding@home could be relatively wasteful. Compared to the problem of global warming, the potential benefits from Folding@home are like blowing spitballs into the wind.

That is not to say that partaking in distributed computing isn't for the enviro-conscious. The project has been running thousands of subtly-different climate simulations for several years. They do this not only to make climate forecasts, but more importantly use the results to improve the accuracy of canadian pharmacy viagra generic climate models in general. is now starting to focus on the detailed, regional impacts of global warming in the hope of offering data that can be used for emergency- and long-term planning. This one requires a powerful CPU.

Another interesting project that we mere mortals can lend computer power is Orbit@home. (Well they are still in beta and levitra generic cialis you can sign up, anyway.) Orbit@home will intensively model and predict dangerous NEOs (near-earth objects) in the hope of avoiding a possible asteroid impact with the Earth.
Linux on Older Laptops an Alternative to
written by Linux on Old Laptop, September 22, 2007
As an easy alternative to puppy linux try Vector Linux on older computers ( pentium 2 etc )
Its quite simple to install and runs very well on pentium 2 laptops and newer
Of course you can always try a live version of knoppix or ubuntu
lesson on how to couple my own effective
written by matthew, October 10, 2007
Hello sir, am matt from nigeria, computer science IT student of polythecnics. sir, i want well explaine description on how to couple pc desktop on any of type of computer and all hardware device that i may need to make it effecient.


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