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How the World Wastes $100 Billion Per Year

Bottled water is either the buy xanax online largest hoax every pulled off on mankind, or a marvelous example of exactly how lazy we, as a species, really are. The world spends $100 billion on bottled water every year. Strangely enough, this water does not get to the millions of sick and cialis buy online dying people who do not have access to clean drinking water.

To bring potable water to the entire world would cost around $30 billion...less than half of the amount that people who have access to clean drinking water spend on bottles of the stuff every year.

I am honestly very angry about this, and I haven't even gotten into the environmental problems. In fact, I'm not going to...I'm just going to leave it there... and have this be my monthly rant at EcoGeek.

Data via Earth Policy


Green Turkies: How EcoGeek's Celebrate Turkey Day

Melinda Asks:
What do EcoGeeks do different on Thanksgiving?

There's nothin' like a good ol' fashioned feast...and if you're like me, you're not gonna let something as silly as the future of the planet get between you and some thankful decadence. But if you're looking to lower your turkey-based footprint just a tad, there are a couple things that EcoGeeks can do.

  1. Free Willy!
    Just like every president in the last 25 your meal. It turns out, unfortunately, that turkeys bred for meat don't live very long anyhow, but you can rescue a turkey from a factory farm for only $25 using adopt-a-turkey. It's good to have a save-one, eat-one policy in my book.
  2. Go Local
    If a turkey must die for you (and one must die for me!) buy one locally. Mine comes from a nearby Hutterite farm.
  3. Deep Fry It!
    Cooking a turkey can take a huge amount of best rx tramadol time and energy. But things go much more quickly (and create far less carbon) if you deep fry your bird.
    It's important not to travel during peak the peaks are what define capacity. The less we consume during peaks, the less capacity will have to be built into our carbon-based transportation system. Make St. Patrick's Day your family tradition! Be Thankful for Green Beer.
  5. Drive Away on Turkey Juice!
    Since you're going to be using quite a bit of oil to fry your turkey might want to look into recycling it...or giving it to a friend who either makes bio-diesel or has a veggie-truck conversion kit.
  6. Be Thankful
    Don't forget to include the scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who are saving the cialis online canada no prescription world in your thanksgiving praise.

That's all we've got for you...stay in town...hang out with friends...take the day to relax instead of to travel at the WORST TIME POSSIBLE. In the end I guarantee you'll be happier...and with all that deep frying...maybe a little bit fatter too.


EcoGeek Holiday Gift Guide

Let's face want stuff...and you're not gonna get anything cool if you don't give in return. That's why EcoGeek is happy to provide a list of some of the ecogeekiest holiday gifts for all your friends and family. In general, we're only in favor of buying stuff that allows you to consume less stuff. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for your holiday gift giving.

The iPod Nano and iTunes Cash
The iPod Nano is one gadget that you can feel good about giving. The Nano contains no hazardous materials, is easy to recycle, and uses very little power. But even better, iTunes lets you buy music without any physical complications. No plastic CDs, no international shipping, just instant green gratification.

The Zonbu Zero Emissions PC
For the true uber-geek, the Zonbu is only here buy branded viagra a fascinating alternative to traditional computing. The people at Zonbu have created a Linux PC that uses less than 10 watts of power (a tenth of only here buy now levitra a regular desktop). And they've done it by having the PC store most of its data remotely. The Zonbu will only set you back $99, but a subscription to their service that gives you online storage space, constant software updates, and technical support will set you back $12.95 a month or more. And while the specs (512 megs of ram, 1.2 ghz processor) aren't that impressive, they're more than enough to viagra super active in australia handle the Linux operating system.

The Nintendo Wii
The Wii is the cheap prescription viagra only home gaming system of this generation that is built on purchase levitra without a prescription efficient technology. Nintendo's policy with the Wii was to focus on fun, not performance. As a result, the Wii is up to 10 times more efficient than the XBOX 360 or the Playstation 3. The only bad news is that the Wii is designed to remain constantly plugged-in and online, so you can expect your Wii to use most of its power while you're not even playing.

The Flip and Tumble Bag
We all know that we shouldn't use plastic bags when shopping. But it's a pain to remember to bring an extra bag with you wherever you go. Which is why the Flip and Tumble Bag is so awesome. The bag folds up to roughly the size of a tennis ball for storage in a purse, and then becomes a large grocery bag in seconds!



EcoGeeks Fix Leaky Faucets

If you happen to be an EcoGeek in the southeast U.S., a lot of your environmental concern has got to be focused on water conservation right now. And while we've just finished a tour of the southeast, and a preparing a list of high- and low-tech water saving strategies...we'd like to share a tip for leak prevention in outdoor faucets.

Often these projects don't get done because plumbers have to charge a bundle just to drive to your house, and homeowners are afraid to touch any plumbing with a wrench, lest their home explode.

Well, above is an excellent and cialis non prescription simple guide to stopping a leaky outdoor faucet. EcoGeeks might not have all the skills of buy cialis super active online a plumber, but I like to think we can do this on our own.

Via Sclipo


Ask the EcoGeek: How Can I Make My Computer Efficient?

Dear EcoGeek,

My parents are always bugging me about computer usage and how the computers are sucking up energy. I want to know what I can do so that my computer doesn't waste so much energy? I totally wanna go green and save the purchase cialis soft tabs Earth from Global Warming!

- Lukas

Hey Lukas,

You probably won't be surprised to discover that I spend quite a bit of time thinking about this very question. First, you should let your parents to viagra buyviagra onlin know that your computer, with all of it's amazing opportunities for educational, economic and social advancement likely uses less power than the light bulbs in that share the room with it.

Most desktop computers use between 100 to 150 watts. Now, this goes way up if you've got some kind of monster high-end gaming system, but 100 watts is what is the cost of viagra a pretty good energy investment for what these glorious machines give my opinion anyhow.

But that doesn't mean that they're aren't steps you can take to decrease your computer's power usage.

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