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OCT 03

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GMC Yukon Hybrid: Oxymoron or Necessary Alternative?

Last week I was invited to attend a special event for bloggers at GM's Proving Grounds in Milford, Michigan. The program included taking us through the GM Safe Driving program and cheap generic cialis having lunch with several GM designers and executives before an afternoon of test driving a variety of vehicles from GM's 2008 line. Only a couple of generic discount levitra hybrids were in the lineup. I was looking forward in particular to seeing the Saturn Vue GreenLine, but it wasn't available. However, there were two other hybrids among the two dozen or so vehicles that were there: the Saturn Aura GreenLine sedan and the what is cialis GMC Yukon Hybrid SUV.

A hybrid full-size truck may seem a bit oxymoronic at first. And if you are driving it by yourself without any passengers or cargo most of the time, then it is, if not oxymoronic...then at least moronic. But for people who need the capacity and features of a vehicle like the Yukon, having one that is a hybrid makes a great deal more sense than having one that is not.

According to GM's estimates*, the 2008 hybrid Yukon gets 20 MPG in city driving and 21 MPG on the highway, which isn't quite in the same league as a Prius, but then a Prius isn't going to viagra canadian haul a 3-ton trailer, either.

Unlike the Saturn Aura sedan, which I also took for a turn around the track, there are times I knew that I was driving a hybrid. The Yukon's gas engine is completely off when it drives at low speeds. I found that while wending my way through a series of cones (laid out to simulate city driving), if I kept my speed down to 10 mph or so, I was driving solely on the electric motor. When I punched the cialis online pharamacy accelerator to make a turn after coming to a stop, however, it responded immediately with the gas engine to provide the power to accelerate.

The Yukon is far removed from my normal driving experience, so I can't say a lot about how it rates as an SUV. It was big and roomy, as you would expect from an SUV. If you're sure you need the functionality of an full-size SUV, then improving your fuel efficiency with that vehicle can be a step in the right direction.

* "Yukon Hybrid with estimated MPG 20 city/21 highway. Based on GM testing. Official EPA estimates not yet available. Note: Yukon 2WD (Gas) city/highway MPG: 14/20." (GMC website)

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The answer is
written by weee, October 04, 2007
Conservation without compromise does not equal 20/21mpg and those are the optimistic figures.
EcoGeek - if this was April 1st it would be amusing rather than facile.
Conservation without Compromise?
written by Hank, October 04, 2007
No where on EcoGeek do we extol conservation without compromise. There is always compromise...otherwise forced population control would sound like a great idea.

I don't see why people get so angry about hybrid SUVs. If there's no legislation to prevent the creation of these monsters, and people continue to buy them...why not make them fuel efficient?
Not bad for a monster SUV like that
written by iDevin, October 04, 2007
20/21 really isn't that bad, that's only slightly worse than my dad's four cylinder Honda Element. Granted my Prius does about 2.5x better on gas in real world conditions than the Yukon but hopefully people who actually need the space will buy these, and people who don't will look at something smaller. I know, wishful thinking.

I think it would be much better if they put this hybrid system in all their pickup trucks as those are used professionally and in fleets and thus would likely have a higher rate of adoption than SUVs. Businesses are more likely to look at total cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle where consumers purchasing will be looking at the bottom line and are more likely to balk at the hybrid premium.
written by Hank, October 04, 2007
Agreed...I have a lot of friends here in Montana who need pickup trucks for business and recreation, and they are quite unsatisfied that there are no hybrid options. I can't disagree with them...the only reason I can see is that, in the mind of people who drive pickups, hybrisd are sissy. But with gas getting expensive, that attitude's not gonna last much longer.
Conservation Without Compromise
written by John Fill, October 04, 2007
"Conservation Without Compromise" is the slogan in the top right-hand corner of the GMC hybrid-Yukon ad at the top of the page, which is why the first guy that posted said what he did. Of course EcoGeek doesn't extol this slogan, because it is a corporate slogan.

20-21 mpg is appalling, I ride a 1989 Honda CBR400RR, it does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, 140mph top speed... and returns 65-70 mpg. Two wheels are the way forward, especially for commuting.
@ John Fill
written by geekpdx, October 04, 2007
I wonder if you'd think two wheels were the way forward if it rained nine months out of the year in your area, or snowed heavily in winter, or had children and soccer practices to deal with, or towed anything.

I'm glad you're riding a motorcycle, but it baffles me when people present something right for their needs as right for the needs of cialis samples all.

20/21 mpg may be appalling, but that's the exact mileage I got in my last small four-cylinder car. Which is easily bested by the mileage I now get in my four-cylinder SUV. That's a large step forward for bigger vehicles, and surely one that will force the mileage of smaller vehicles up even further, since you can't sell smaller vehicles if your larger ones get better gas mileage, and there's a lot of money to be made of the portion of the country that doesn't drive large SUVs or trucks.
written by Eric, October 04, 2007
Considering that most driving is done within 25 miles of home and is considered city driving, I would think that going from 14mpg to 20 mpg is a huge improvement.

If you do the math, taking a 40mpg car and doubling the mileage to 80mpg does NOT save as much fuel as taking a 10mpg car and doubling it to 20mpg.

If the average person drives 150 miles per week, then:
14mpg = 10.7 gal
21mpg = 7.14 gal is 3.56 gal savings

40mpg = 3.85 gal
80mpg = 1.925 gal is 1.925 gal savings

If you aren't going to drive less miles, you'll save more gas switching to a from a standard SUV to a hybrid SUV.

Obviously, switching from 14mpg SUV to a 40mpg hybrid will save the most gas, 6.85 gals.
It IS a step
written by Jason Des Forges, October 05, 2007
I don't drive at all but see hybrids as good news. I would prefer all new cars to be plugin hybrids so that when cheap solar comes along they can become zero emission vehicles, but in auto things don't change that fast.

It still surprises me that the ecological thinking I have had since childhood is becoming mainstream now.
written by gfh, October 13, 2007
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Perhaps if I am pulling a trailer full o
written by Uncle Mike, October 16, 2007
Perhaps this thing could take over for my pickup, or be good to take the entire family (Including son's in law's) on a trip, but I don't see it as a daily driver.
written by Harvey Bails, November 16, 2007
You must be kidding with this GMC "green machine". I drive a 2007 Lexus RX350 with 270 HP and do lots better than that. On a 6000 mile trip I got up to 26 mpg and never got under 21 mpg. Downsize a little instead of buying those big SUV's.
Has anyone considered...
written by Fireball, November 16, 2007
... that fuel economy is increased with an SUV by the number of people it can hold?. In my case, I do regularly haul a family of buy ultram overnight cod 7. Taking two 4-passenger compact cars just isn't going to cut it. Granted, there are a significant number of SUVs you might witness with a single occupant, but you might tend to make mental note of that more often than you notice one full of family, too.
If you are lucky to live in Colorado
written by Herb C Ragle, November 16, 2007
If you are lucky enough to live in Colorado or another area that ocasionally gets heavy snow, you need a 4WD vehicle just to get around. Don't knock SUV's if you've never lived someplace where people get stuck in a blizzard and i use it buy generic cialis online die in their cars.
written by Angie, November 17, 2007
Okay, I am all for making the earth a better place. But when you live where I do, if you don't have a four wheel drive in the winter, you are stranded at home. And I have to own a large four wheel drive because I have three small children that are in three car seats who cannot fit next to each other. What am I to do in the winter if one of my children needs to go to the ER? Walk? Not everyone can drive a teeny car that gets the usa levitra best mileage, we just all have to do what we can with what we have.
stupid lesbian hippies
written by bob, November 17, 2007
you hybrid whiners are a bunch of stupid lesbian hippies. yes, skinny bearded 30 yr old college dudes included. Some people NEED a large truck. Get over it. Quit being such crybabies and realize that not everyone is like you or wants to be.
Oh Boo Hoo
written by Wascal Wabbit, November 17, 2007
I have a family of 12 and need it. Well if you have a family of 12 what are you doing pretending to care about ecology in the first place? Over population is the root cause of most of the problems today. If you have a 5 or 6 person family, we all managed to get by before SUVs. So that is just BS!!
In the second place, what we see driving on California freeways every day are 90% of SUVs being driven by a single occupant as a commute car. That occupant is almost always trying to use a huge vehicle to compensate for a shortage elsewhere. That goes for women too. They get behind the wheel of one of those monsters and suddenly they are as powerful as Schwarzenegger. So I laugh at all you "my dogs bigger than your dog" obliviots when I see you pumping a week's pay into your gas tank. I do have a lot of sympathy for those folks who really do need the 4 wheel drive though.
written by Andrew, November 17, 2007
Do people really think the government should step in and stop production of SUV's? I don't want the government telling me I can't drive the car of my choice. All these government programs are absurd ... you really want people to stop driving huge trucks that get 10 mpg, put a huge tax on gasoline! If someone wants to drive a Hummer while paying down our national debt, I'm OK with it ... but you'd be amazed at how quickly people would abandon their gas-guzzlers at $5 / gallon! (You'll see it soon enough - except it will be the middle east and Exxon taking the lion's share instead of the U.S. people).
Attitude Adjustment
written by Mary Matthews, November 17, 2007
It's going to be harder to change people's attitudes than to change the levitra online india efficiency of automobiles.
Yes, there are going to be those who drive Cadillac Escalades for show (my employer) and there are those who drive Cadillac Escalades in order to fit three children's safety seats in the back seat (my niece). Occasionally they are BOTH going to be driving down the road with no passengers, with people making judgements on them.
Some people have the need for large vehicles or full-size pick-up trucks. I, myself, as an estate gardener, tried to get by with a small Toyota pick-up and found I was using more gas because I was making so many trips back and forth to pick up plants and supplies that wouldn't fit in the truck bed. I sold it abn switched to a ful-size Chevy and cut my gas usage in half. Yes it's the only vehicle I have and is also my personal vehicle, so that situation makes me think twice about the errands I run. I don't just run out to Target whenever I feel like it; I combine trips in a route to be more efficient.
I guess the point I'm trying to make is that ALL attitudes must change. You who drive the tiny little gas-sipping vehicles need to realize that there is a need for larger vehicle and that, at times, they are the more efficient choice based on the needs of the driver. The gas-guzzlers who drive large vehicles for vanity's sake need to learn that there are better, less environmantally detrimental ways to look cool. In the meantime, we need the hybrid SUVs to help everyone gravitate to the middle.
Another personal Faithful Chevy truck, Betty, is about to go and live on a friend's farm in the Texas Hill country where she'll only be driven a few hundred miles a year. I'm about to but a hybrid SUV to haul flower arrangements about for a floral design business. I'm glad to know there is something large enough for me to use to cut down, again, on the back and forth trips that waste so much gas.
written by Roadrunner, November 17, 2007
And not a one of you mentioned performance. Yes, tire smoking, push you back in your seat performance. Before you start, it has NOTHING to do with lacking in other areas, IT'S FUN!! Bring me a hybrid that can run with todays high performance models, and I may be interested. It doesn't have to be Corvette Z06 quick, but Mustang GT quick would be nice. My company truck isn't quick; and I'm in the roofing business, so don't start on that, and niether is our family car; which we did downgrade from a Suburban to an Ion for my wifes former commute. I have an old hot rod I fixing up. I'm going to replace the current engine with a big block, lots of torque. Boy, will that be FUN. One, it will not be my main mode of transport. Two, I will be putting an overdrive transmission in it and make other alterations to help acheive the best mileage possible. Three, it will most likely get better mileage than the work truck I will be driving most of the time, out of neccessity.
You guys don't even talk about driving as being something fun, and it can't be fun if you don't enjoy the real cialis without prescription vehicle. I'm glad some of you can get you kicks from seeing just how many miles per gallon you can get, or how many miles more you can get more than someone else. I'm glad some of you like being able to be so uber smug about having the "greenest" next new thing. That's great, because you are going to off-set some of the fun I and those like me are going to have.
On a related note, the Vikings farmed Iceland in the twelve and thirteen hundreds. Seems to me the earth must have been significantly warmer then than now. I just ask you look at the past for as far as you can see and buy viagra at a discount think.
written by Smoker, November 17, 2007
Prius Offsets? Buy DIESEL!!!
written by Smoker, November 17, 2007
You know, buying 1 diesel pickup can offset as many as 100 Priuses!!!
written by Alex, November 17, 2007
I just got back from driving a friend to pick up his bike from the bike store. It was not open yet, so I took him over to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. I don't do Starbucks as I think it is a joke paying $4 for a cup of coffee. While in the parking lot with my great, roomy zero emission city car, a Honda Fit( the best car I have ever owed). I just had to chuckle at all of levitra in spain the idiots in their SUV's and big trucks trying to find a spot they could get their behomths into. One guy in an Infinity finally found a space he could fit into after the third that time my friend was already back with his coffee and we were out of the parking lot. Americans will soon be getting the lesson of thier lifetime in the next few years. Change is on the way....get used to it!
written by roro44, February 07, 2008
Thanks a lot
What about the batteries
written by Phaedra, February 17, 2008
Don't hybrids use battery technology? What happens when all of those batteries start to fail? Do we have a system in place for dealing with the hazardous materials involved there?
written by hguhf, February 18, 2008
Thanks a lot ...
written by BK, March 06, 2008
There are several jabs being taken here regarding lifestyle choice, my car is better than yours, and just the overall smugness that accompanies anyone who thinks they know how to live someone else's life better. Prius' get amazing fuel efficiency and a Hybrid SUV is a positive step in the right direction but for everyone who is on the highway at rush hour gridlock to witness a single person in an SUV is culpable. One Prius still takes up a lane space and is contributing to clogging an artery and making every vehicle start and stop more frequently. A Prius off and in the garage is getting better fuel economy and herbal alternative to cialis doing more for the environment than one on the road. Since there is no since silver bullet answer for everyone, everyone needs to ask themselves "what are my options here?"
Can I work from home in the mornings? Can I come in early enough to miss rush hour? Can I work from home every other day? Could I "sell" my boss on the idea that it is cheaper from a real estate/facilities perspective and more productive for me to work from home? Can I carpool? Is it nice enough outside to ride a bike today (maybe double up on the good juju and work off my beer gut/big butt?) It's all about sensibility here. It's about mitigating your environmental impact - you will never eliminate it. If there is some common sense applied, we just might reach homeostasis and not be the harbingers of our own demise.
ankara evden eve nakliyat
written by ankara nakliyat, May 24, 2008
very nice blogs.
GMC is understating the buy cialis on the internet MPG
written by Texas Driving, June 23, 2008
I recently purchased the Yukon Hybrid. Yes, it can definately tow a boat and give the room required. Additionally, after two months of city driving I am getting almost 26 MPG (25.4)... that is much better than the 14 or so I was getting.

My only complaint is that I can't have captain chairs in the second row and the third row is way too small. They should have moved the second row seats forward about 2-3 inches and it would have helped a lot.

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