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OCT 07

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"In a city like Miami great technology such as this is a futile attempt..."

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Google Public Transit Officially Launches

We've reported on Google Transit in the past, but now it is buy online propecia official. Transit works like Google Maps, but instead of it's cool cheapest prices for cialis driving directions, it lets you know how you can get where you're going without a car. Type in your start and enter site price of cialis in canada end points plus date and time and it gives you where to walk, what bus to take and when. It even is integrated into Google Maps, meaning if you search for directions using Maps, just click "Take Public Transit" and it will switch to cheap viagra alternative Transit mode, showing you the next 3 upcoming bus departures. I typed in my daily busing commute and it found the same exact route.

Currently it works for various areas in 9 states and even in China and Japan. Wish I had this when I was in China! This is great for current bus riders and 5 mg cialis getting new people to take the bus. Although my hometown of Seattle already has something like this, this will only help spread the word that transit can be just as easy (and a heck of a lot cheaper) than driving.

Google Transit

Via TechCrunch

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Oh, wow.
written by Ellie, October 07, 2007
I've been hoping this would happen. I'm so excited. This will be great. Thanks for the heads up, guys.
0 already does this
written by Lewis Clark, October 07, 2007
I think already does a great job with mass-transit in the big cities.
written by Rob, October 08, 2007
It's maybe worth noting that TfL has a pretty good, completely integrated public transport search service for London. You can even tell it how fast you walk and whether you'll be taking your bike on the journey ;).
written by ken, October 08, 2007
wow finally! ;D this is really good, ive been waiting forever forgoogle to do this. thanks for the heads up! has a trip planner but its not widely used.
written by Webster, October 08, 2007
I've always used like Ken mentioned. If there's any truth to the need a prescription for viagra rumor about the gPhone (Google phones), this could be a killer app. GPS says where you are, touch a place on the map and it tells you how to get there.
Where is Caltrain?
written by marguerite manteau-rao, October 08, 2007
Yes, great news for all of us greenies. Except, I don't see Caltrain anywhere in the list of public transportation alternatives. You guys at Google never take the train to go to SF?

More exposure for public transit
written by Fritz, October 08, 2007
Many many people use Google maps you don't use the transit trip planners like 511 or TfL. It helps get the word out about options besides driving.

I like that Google Transit does a cost comparison between transit fare and driving costs.
Excellent...but it only works in progres
written by Sed Emihcra, October 11, 2007
In a city like Miami great technology such as this is a futile attempt at improving life. Miami's transit system is a frustrating and backwards as the city itself.

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