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OCT 29

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"If only we could be math literate. There is levitra shop a huge difference between..."

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The Toyota 1/X ::: 1/3 Lighter than a Prius

Toyota unveiled a new concept this week at the it's cool sales levitra Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota 1/X. This vehicle is seen as the next step up from their highly-popular Prius, and is doubling its fuel efficiency to a respectable 92mpg. With a mpg this high, it makes you wonder why Toyota keeps fighting the proposed fuel-efficiency legislation.
The concept, weighing in at 926lbs, is one-third lighter than a Prius and buy canadian cialis owes this to its carbon fibre reinforced plastic and aluminum body and components. Like the Prius, it runs on their hybrid-gas system, but also includes a plug-in feature, a major selling point for city drivers, though no word yet on the range and speed of the electric-only mode.
There is a catch, unfortunately, and that is that carbon fibre production costs 100 times more than steel, though that is expected to drop dramatically once mass production of the materials becomes more common, and Toyota's supplier of carbon fibre is investing to do just that. Still, the car is only in the concept stage, so who knows when it will, if ever, hit the the best site purchasing viagra with next day delivery roads. Of course in the meantime, we'll all be crossing our fingers.
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perhaps its tactics
written by Jurgen, October 29, 2007
With a mpg this high, it makes you wonder why Toyota keeps fighting the proposed fuel-efficiency legislation.
Perhaps its a tactic. If the legislation passes Toyota's competition will make more fuel efficient cars and therefor hurt Toyota's image as the only fuel efficient car manufacturer. Toyota is betting that the price of oil is generic cialis no perscription going to go up (continue to we choice discount viagra online go) and along with it the demand for fuel efficient cars. If Toyota is the only one making them they'll make a lot of money.
written by JudgeWinchester, October 30, 2007 does make a whole lot of sense, actually.

written by Neece, October 31, 2007
This sounds fantastic, but the cost sounds prohibitive. I was wondering, if the car is so light, would it be less safe to drive next to all those SUVs and semi trucks? And if you got in a minor fender bender, that carbon fiber will just shatter, as it does in racing. Imagine the cost of only for you canadian pharmacy repairs.
Still, Toyota is heading in the right direction. :)
written by Ken Fry, November 02, 2007
If only we could be math literate. There is a huge difference between "1/3 lighter" (on the one hand) and "1/3 the weight" or "1/3 as heavy", on the other. "1/3 lighter" would make this car about 2700 - 900 = 1800 lbs. "1/3 the weight" would make this car 900 lbs. The correct figure is the latter: 900 lbs (actually 926#).

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