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OCT 29

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"So it's interesting to hear about car companies making fully electric ..."

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iMiev Sport EV: On Sale in 2009

Mitsubishi wants everyone to very good site online order viagra know that some mainstream car companies are actually interested in developing full electric vehicles. The iMiev has been around for a while, but they've updated the concept, made it sportier, and they're looking at taking advantage of some new battery technology.

The little Beetle lookalike would travel 100 miles per charge (if ever produced) and would be marketed mostly in urban centers (OK...probably just Japan.) Unlike the new Phoenix batteries, the iMiev charges only through regular grid electricity, and so takes about 7 hours to recharge. But the no order prescription viagra good news is they've moved up the release date from 2010 to 2009.

Frankly, I'm excited to see this on the road...but we don't yet have any details on where it will be sold, or for how much.

Via Engadget

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written by Jim, October 29, 2007
I have read a little about this and cialis in india they are touting a wireless power link for recharging.
a)what do we think about standing in the way of that
and b) would this lead to open source electricity grids, in same way that community wireless networks can let no hard wired people on the net??

just a thought
written by Andrew, October 29, 2007
It would be nice if ecogeek blogged about something besides cars
And it looks cool too!
written by Neece, October 31, 2007
This is cheap cialis canada great news, but of course, they actually have to make it and sell it. This is a great looking car, which is a nice bonus. :)
That would be really amazing if they had a wireless power link like Jim says. Fascinating! Technology is so cool.
selling it
written by Ruben D, August 12, 2008
i think selling will start slow, you have some ppl like me that know all about it and will buy it and ones it gets out that you save money because you dont need gas (but more expensive to buy) it will sell better, its the car of the future. ;D
Tesla already did that, lol
written by Shawn, February 07, 2009
So it's interesting to hear about car companies making fully electric cars with a wireless charging system. If i'm not mistaken, Tesla already invented that but was shut down because there was no way to online viagra perscription monitor his power consumption. I'm glad the technology is coming back finally, lol.

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