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OCT 30

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"What desiel engines could fit into a 05 Tacoma to swap out the 4-cyl I..."

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Toyota Embraces Hybrids But Shuns Other Clean Tech

Half the overnight viagra size, half the cost. That's what Toyota is looking for in the next generation Hybrid Synergy Drive systems for Priuses. What they're not looking for? Diesels and ordering cialis overnight delivery pure electric vehicles. While it's great to have a cheaper Prius with more trunk room, that only covers the Prius!

Diesels definitely have a place with many manufacturers jumping into the field, especially for gas-guzzling trucks. And electric vehicles? They are the future of medium range transport in the coming years. I hope Toyota has something else up their sleeves other or they might be left behind.

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written by johnny, October 30, 2007
unfortunately, if toyota doesnt get with the program and plan on incorporating a variety of different fuel options, people know toyota as the we recommend levitra generic hybrid company now and think only of priuses when the word hybrid comes up. so they'll probably be able to survive without having to adapt to where to find cialis market fuel options and their popularity on just brand name alone. hopefully and i think probably, the people at toyota are smart enough to get involved in other options.
written by joe, October 31, 2007
The only problem with toyota is that they are too conservative when it comes to enbracing new tech.
Other companies like Honda are currently working on a desiel hybrid which should run on biodesiel. The future is clear that gas burning engines have got to go.
I Agree
written by Neece, October 31, 2007
Toyota was so innovative with the Prius, it would be ashame to get left behind in other alternatives.
Depends on the regional perspective
written by Nuno Lagoa, October 31, 2007
Maybe Toyota aren't big in diesel in the US, but in Europe some cars (Avensis, Rav4, Landcruiser) are diesel only in most countries.
I don't know about the US but I have the inkling that diesel isn't used except for big trucks, right? (Could be wrong...)
written by Mark R., October 31, 2007
Here’s my regional perspective, In Central Texas (yes, Progressive Austin, Tx) where it seams almost every other vehicle is a full size pickup with a diesel or turbo diesel, I'm glad Toyota is staying out of the diesel race. Don’t get me wrong I love trucks and would trade my Tacoma for anything other than a hybrid Tacoma. However diesels are loud, obnoxious, stinky and won’t save you a dime at the pump. And don’t think about going with “bio-diesel” unless you want to void your warranty on you new stinky loud vehicle. Sure if you’ve got an ancient VW rabbit Diesel you can use bio. But as my friend has experienced don’t thank about trying it in a new Jeep liberty Diesel. Sure a diesel may not produce as much co2, but there is a lot of quality of life issues you sacrifice when you have a diesel. When temps are like they’ve been the genuine viagra tablets from canada past week, I can actually drive in traffic with my windows down and usefull link generic viagra from china enjoy the fresh air. But if I get behind a Diesel I can’t breathe. I cringe at the thought of the stench if all current autos were Diesel. Diesel sucks!
Try a modern diesel
written by mark@talkclimatechange, November 01, 2007

However diesels are loud, obnoxious, stinky and won’t save you a dime at the pump.

Many are, yes. But try a modern one - you would be very surprised. When fitted with a particulate filter (as many now are) you get none of the smell and black smoke - they infact give off less small than a petrol.

You will find the new diesles are refined, nice to drive, powerful, and save you about 40% at the pump.

Combine that with a hybrid power train and you would have a really good proposition.
Re: Try a modern Diesel: I HAVE!!!! and
written by Mark R., November 01, 2007
I disagree. re: a modern one, like what the new 06 Jeep liberty diesel (mentioned previously) I've ridden in many times with my friend or the new 07 ford f350 I've ridden and driven. It's the same story different verse Loud, Obnoxious and stinky in both cases. Both the Liberty and F350 sound like a rod is about to viagra mail order come flying through the hood they rattle so much. You are right about one thing neither of "modern" Diesels I've been in have produced the black carbon smoke. But they are new, give them 2 yrs for the little black cloud to follow them around as they punch the gas. 40% at the pump? You are definitely not from Texas. Let me put it in perspective for you Mark at climate change.
Regular gas $2.68/gal
Diesel: $2.92/gal

Where the hell is the savings at the pump there my friend? Maybe Diesel is 40% cheaper where you come from but here we pay a premium.

Sorry I'm not convinced by your argument, I still think Diesel sucks and is just as bad for the environment (not co2 but quality of life.)
Tacoma Diesel
written by Eric H., November 03, 2007
I'd buy a Tacoma diesel in a minute if they offered one in the U.S.

written by Justin, November 12, 2007
Don't be myopic. The savings don't come from the price per gallon at the pump but from the mpg. I have 2 brothers with Dodge Ram trucks. One has the Cummins Turbo Diesel and the other has the big V8. The big V8 averages 12 mpg and the very good site buy cialis without prescription Cummins averages 19 mpg. Actually, he reflashed the ECU and is now getting 25 mpg but for the sake of off the lot comparisons let's use the 19 mpg. Even at the prices you quoted above this is gay levitra how it works out if you calculate how far can you drive on $50 worth of gas:

V8 Gas Engine
$50 / $2.68 per gallon = 18.66 gallons of fuel
18.66 gallons x 12 mpg = 223.92 miles

Diesel Engine
$50 / $2.92 per gallon = 17.12 gallons of fuel
17.12 gallons x 19 mpg = 325.28 miles

That means you can go 101.36 miles farther on the same $50 which is a savings of selling cialis online 45.3% farther. Not only that the Cummins engine has the same HP and almost twice the ft/lbs of torque. The same math applies for the cars as well. I have a Jetta turbo diesel and you made this same comparison to the gas model you would see a 40% savings. There is a reason why diesel engines are popular in Europe where gas is 2 to 3 times as expensive as it is here in the US. Because it saves gas! Combine it with a hybrid and you will be really going somewhere.

Re: tacoma desiel
written by Tyler, December 10, 2007
What desiel engines could fit into a 05 Tacoma to swap out the 4-cyl I have in there now (which does well at 25ish mph). Is that just prohibitively expensive?

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