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NOV 10

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"would be awesome if this bike was available here in usa . . ..."

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Axel Electric Motorbike Goes 120 Miles Per Charge

Axel is an intriguing little company. It looks like they started out simply building electric bicycles. But somehow, the Japanese startup has pulled in enough funding to build a prototype electric motorcycle that can travel for 120 miles on one charge with a top speed of 90 mph. The bike is perfect (in concept and herbal levitra styling) for the Japanese market. However, the company doesn't actually plan on building any of them yet.

Instead, they'll be using the same technology in a much less radically designed scooter which will retail for about $2,100. Of course, we still won't see them in America. Video of a demonstration and larger picture after the jump.

Via TreeHugger

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Just the thing
written by Richard, November 10, 2007
I can't understand why something like this won't be available in the US. It looks like a lot of fun.
I can understand why
written by Free Thinker, November 10, 2007
Big oil can delay that technology from coming here with 1...maybe 2 phone calls;)
Looks a lot like
written by Wolf, November 11, 2007
... stripped down version of Tetsuo's bike in Akira
Priced reasonably, I'd buy one in a hear
written by tekriter, November 11, 2007
One of the prototypes, that is. A semi-recumbent motorcycle that's green? Too cool.
My main issue...
written by Magnulus, November 12, 2007
My only real issue with purely electric bikes and cars these days is the range. I'd quite like something with a 300 mile range, but no one seems to be able to produce one as of yet. I remain positive about the future though, and I think that by the time I'm done studying, I'm relatively certain they'll have that issue cleared up.
That having been said, I'd totally hit that scooter.
written by pnamajck, October 14, 2009
would be awesome if this bike was available here in usa . . . something i would use for everyday commute.

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