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An EcoGeek in Los Angeles...Part 2!

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I was in Los Angeles last. And I'm back, once again, to report on the green technology of the Los Angeles Auto Show!

Cars are a mixed bag, of course. We can talk about our plans for electric vehicles, fuel cells, hybrids, and more...but nothing's going to change the fact that less driving is what the buy cialis online no prescription earth needs. But the Earth does need some driving...and in the near future, we can't expect a world so dependent on cars to give them up.

So here I am, a car-hater at a car show. These things are so filled with pomp and extravagence that you either have to be nauseated or swept off your feet...I'm planning on doing a bit of both during my time at the auto show. I hope you won't mind.

We'll only be covering the events for this one day, and we're pretty excited to see where it takes us. We've been hearing rumors of announcements that should be fairly exciting. And already I've been in three alternative fuel vehicles (one, a CNG taxi that took me to the hotel! and another a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that you'll be hearing about shortly.)

EcoGeek's coverage of the LA Auto Show was underwritten by the General Motors Company, which, we agree, is very strange since we say some fairly mean things about them with some regularity. The only condition of their assistance (travel and lodging) is that I disclose it, which, of course, I would have done anyway.

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