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NOV 15

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"21mpg and gineric levitra green, and then all this slobbering on your part? You sir, ..."

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From LA: The Future's Green...the Present? Not So Much

So it's time to go...I'm sitting in the wow)) buying cialis in canada airport waiting for my (ever so inefficient) airplane so that I can increase my carbon footprint by like 50% for the year...and I have to we recommend cialis online us]non generic cialis wonder...was it worth it?

The Los Angeles Auto Show is about showcasing green technology, and in a year when the greenest new car gets 21 mpg (though, it is a giant SUV,) there obviously wasn't too much happening right now that was interesting.

Sure, we're getting a new small car in America from Chevy. There are a couple new hybrid versions of existing vehicles and soon we'll have the first hybrid full-size truck in the form of the Silverado. But this year's show was a lot more about the future than the present. That's something I can appreciate, even if it's a little bit disappointing.

There aren't going to be enough hydrogen fueling stations in the Los Angeles area to support fuel cell vehicles for at least another five years, and other areas of the country are far behind them. But car companies are preparing for that future, and Honda and GM both have plans to get fuel cell vehicles into the cheap discount viagra hands of consumers (GM this winter, Honda next summer.) While both Volkswagon and Toyota were showing off their own fuel cell concepts.

And as I continue to chat up fuel cell engineers and tell them that their technology, with current infrastructure, is unfortunately DOA, they insist on reminding me that we can't solve this problem instantaneously. The hydrogen economy is going to take a long time to take off...if it ever does.

But everyone agrees (except Toyota) that the Volt is a game-changer. Once the technology is delivered, it will work for everyone who has a 110 volt plug in their house. In America, that's everyone. It will decrease gasoline consumption by as much as 90% for everyone who uses it and the technology (GM insists) exists and only needs to be modified and good choice similar cialis molded into the form of the car.

So, much to the chagrin of fuel cell engineers who have spent a full decade and a billion dollars developing their technology, the real story of the green future of cars was only announced a year ago. Electric cars! Who would've thought...besides all of us, who've been asking them to discount cialis canada invest in battery technology for the last decade. Finally it's caught, for now, we're gonna stop complaining.

EcoGeek's coverage of the LA Auto Show was underwritten by the General Motors Company, which, we agree, is very strange since we say some fairly mean things about them with some regularity. The only condition of their assistance (travel and lodging) is that I disclose it, which, of course, I would have done anyway.

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written by Say no to fuel cell, November 16, 2007
The problem is that the "hydrogen economy" is just that, a new economic scam to take more money away from us. If they make electric vehicles there would be far less maintenance costs and most people would buy the electric power directly from the buy generic levitra goverment (which, regardless of the inefectiveness of the system, we do control) or we can even make the electric power on our own! With the "hydrogen economy", we will still be depending on Shell, Chevron, and the like, and we would still have to go to the refueling station regularly. It's the latest attempt to keep alive the idea of regular refueling and the "go to the gas station" routine we could skip almost entirely with plug in hybrids and that we could skip entirely with good electrics. Cut out the middleman!
Don't downplay the hybrid SUV
written by Ethan, November 16, 2007
History has proven that there are people out there who are going to buy that giant SUV no matter what you tell them about global warming. A half dozen of i recommend buy cheap viagra online them probably even have a legitimate reason for doing so.

As long as most people out there are going to buy a car in the size and shape they want, then the gas guzzlers are the online ordering cialis most important target to hit.

For every 10000 city miles a civic hybrd drives, it saves 83 gallons of gas compared to cialis super active a non-hybrid. For every 10000 city miles a chevy tahoe hybrid drives it saves 238 gallons -- almost 3 times as much!

If the 10000 miles is half highway, then the savings are 69 and 154 gallons respectively.

If we want to cut down carbon emissions from cars as quickly as possible, it is probably much more effective to give tax credits to make hybrid behemoths than to try to convince the people buying cars that they could make do with a smaller car.

I own a prius, but I'm also reading this blog. The only ways to make the public green is to we like it cialis tadalafil either give them what they want with more efficiency (like the tahoe hybrid) or tax gas so much that they can't possibly afford to drive a big car -- which would be VERY unpopular with the guy who bought a hummer last week since he now can't afford to drive his car.
Mankind has to do something
written by Rubab, November 16, 2007
we all are responsible for environmental degradation thus we collectively need to pull our socks eradicate pollution; to make earth a more worth living place.
written by zupakomputer, November 16, 2007
I want a hovercar. I don't like how roads and get discount viagra online paving has messed up the Earth. I'd rather fly without needing a vehicle of course, but if we are having to have technology for transportation, then I want something that doesn't involve crushing insects and other creatures, and blowing up rocks to stop plants from growing on vast areas of the ground.

I'm not going to take digs at those who are at the least in the right area, even when it's commercially motivated, because there's just way too many that are not there in those areas at all - nor are they making any attempt to be, and they are far more deserving of any wrath. But I'm also not inclined to hold back and be 'nice' about the cold hard facts either.
We need to acknowledge some things, such as - we shouldn't have paved over the land in the ways we have.
Blowing up mountains to move them elsewhere is insane.
written by Celainea, November 16, 2007
Maybe what we need to focus on right now is BioFuels which utilize our trash and leftovers from harvest.

The original diesel engine was designed to run on cooking oil and can still easily be converted to do so. This would cut the cialis without a prescription gas guzzler consumption down considerably. Truckers across the Nation are already getting into it. Their huge vehicles run more efficiently and cleaner.

I've been waiting 40 years for hover crafts. I love electric vehicles, but not everyone has easy access to a plug. Take high rise apartment dwellers for instance. Steam engines came out with the Model T's and as many people have water hoses as electrical access. Maybe we should think about those too.
written by Enzer Miliard, November 16, 2007
hmmmm..... if we go all electric won't the current energy plants need to increase in size and/or fuel efficiency? I seriously would like to know how fuel efficient an electric car is with respect to the amount of electricity produced per ... is it finally time to go fully nuclear? we may need a bigger mountain then yucca for that....... but at least those hydrogen engineers can use their research to power the homes of the world without all those pollutants......
All just a three-card monte...
written by jfwells, November 16, 2007
Whether it is a shift to order levitra now electric, hybrid or even hydrogen, the big problem is that our culture still promotes huge inefficiencies by suggesting that it is OK to drive 30, 40, or even 50 miles a day to and from work. If people actually lived within 5 miles of work it would make a much bigger difference than any of we recommend cialis sales online the above named technologies.
What progress?
written by FallenKnight, November 16, 2007
I drove a 1972 Mercury Marquis with a 7.0 Litre V8 (429 cid) that weighed over 2800 kg (6200 lbs), could seat 6 adults comfortably and viagra canda got about 15 mpg during highway use. I worked at a car dealership that sold brand new SUVs that had smaller engines, weighed less, seated 7 and still only got 18 mpg on the highway. You can't tell me that in 35 years our net gain in vehicle technology is 3 mpg and an extra seat! Oh, and a brace of cupholders, which my Marquis didn't have. I think anyone selfish enough to drive an SUV today should pay a huge licensing tax based on size and fuel economy. If they'll pay $50 for a truck to massage their ego, they can pay an extra few thousand every year to maintain that illusion.

I also don't think electric cars are the way to go, unless power companies are going to implement sustainable energy to generate electricity. After 15-20 years of electric vehicles, I'm sure power companies would raise their rates for no readily apparent reason, just like the gas companies are doing now.

When people stop buying into hype and educate themselves we will finally see real progress in the American auto industry.
For the record, I drive a 1986 VW GTI that gets 35 mpg and will carry almost as much gear as all but the biggest SUVs out there.
written by Jaime, November 16, 2007
For the plug in electics: I think they are a great idea. Plug in your car and drive it away. You could plug it in at work, anywhere. But how is the electricity being produced? And does process pollute even more? Well if you use a solar system to only for you canadian rx viagra generate electricity for your home, ten you could plug in your electric vehicle and not need Chevron, Shell and all those potentially obsolete companies.

Hydrogen is also a great way to go when you think about a new Hydrogen economy that can create jobs and clean energy for our cars. At the same time, if we have too many of these cars discharging vapor in the atmosphere would't we be affecting climate change all over again? Even with this last doubt I would go for Hydrogen, as long as it is not the canadian cialis only technology developed out there. This is not a one way solution as many things in real life aren't.
vespa anyone? or maybe a 1970 mini?
written by jules, November 17, 2007
I am from Spain, born and raised. Moved to the States in 2000 and bought...a grand cherokee. Bad mistake, downgraded to a 540i that is sold last year when I decided to go back to my roots...the Vespa. I ride 150 miles on 2 gallons, and top speed of 75mph, freeway legal, that keeps me alive in San Diego. If I need more room, then I drive a real Mini, brought from Spain, scaling down to 35mpg.
Now, what are these people thinking in giving the award to an SUV? 21 mpg is still pathetic. Of course better than 14, but pathetic.
I remember my childhood in Madrid, and we did all things in small car. We hauled toys, entire families and generic viagra effective pets, in Minis, Fiats and even Vespas with sidecars. My friends still do it over there. Gas prices should hit $9 a gallon for the US to start changing habits. Sad but true, the only way to change behavior in people is hitting their pocket...I love this country, but some things just are not right...
written by iamian, November 17, 2007
to Enzer ,

Given the government numbers on emissions of the US power plant mix and the amount of energy it takes for an EV power system vehicle... It works out that a EV pollutes about as much as a 100MPG Gasoline car if all the electrical power comes from the dirty coal burning power plants... and up infinity MPG gasoline car when the energy comes from renewable energy like solar , wind , hydroelectric etc...

and EVs are cheaper to get levitra in canada maintain and run...

and the Electricity is cheaper than gasoline...

and building a new solar , wind ,or hydroelectric power plant is easier , and cheaper than making more fossil fuels like oil to continue running on gasoline...

And the US Energy mix from power plants has been getting greener on its own as new laws come out and greener energy gets mixed in...

Power plants are companies .. they want to sell their product... which happens to be electricity... if fossil fuels become to expensive to stay in business they will switch other to renewable to increase profits having nothing to do with being greener.. if the power plant can not produce enough energy to keep up with demand, they will build more power plants to sell more power... if they don't a competitor power company will... oil companies can only find so much oil... no matter how much people want to buy it we use it faster than nature makes it.

A lousy shill
written by Craig Brozefsky, November 17, 2007
21mpg and green, and then all this slobbering on your part?

You sir, are a rotten shill.

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