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NOV 18

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"....stop making such short-lifespan disposable vehicles. A car should ..."

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An EcoGeek Walks Around at the LA Auto Show


I just thought I'd share this little video I made for another project of mine (Brotherhood 2.0). It gives a quick, fast, dirty, and extremely low-production-value overview of the Los Angeles Auto Show. Hopefully you'll find that it's interesting. It's currently top rated for today on YouTube's automotive I must've done something right :-).

Oh...and you can ignore the part at the end where I get Tased.

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Audi Metroproject??
written by Drew, November 18, 2007
Hank, I didn't see the Audi Metroproject in your video.. I'm guessing this means that Audi decided not to include it in the showcase, since it hasn't been confirmed as a US model.. If this is click now viagra online canada no prescription so, my girlfriend is going to tramadol no prescription us be so upset.. smilies/sad.gif
written by Hank, November 18, 2007
Didn't see the Metroproject concept at the show...I'm not sure if they're aiming for a US release of the car at a all, and at this stage, I think it's still a pure concept. But I love the concept, and we're hoping to hear news about a production model any day now...not that I'd be able to afford one.
written by Drew, November 19, 2007
Oh man, that's pretty disappointing. I'm not sure if I'll go now. I'm not really interested in Tahoe hybrids. I heard that there is hope that the A1 platform will be available in the US, and hopefully the hybrid will tag along.
Hank, I thought you might be interested
written by mike, November 19, 2007
Invention Nation on the Discovery Science channel. I would like to see you and your brother do something like this.
written by Magnulus, November 19, 2007
Oh! You're one of the Brotherhood 2.0 brothers! Awesome!! I completely forgot to subscribe back in the day when I first saw you, but I'll certainly do so now. *pokes orange button*
written by Caitlin, November 19, 2007
I wonder what the buy viagra now ecogeeks think about the end of generic levitra cheap that video.

-Secret Sister and Hybrid Ecogeek-Nerdfighter Caitlin
Evil on Wheels
written by slag, November 20, 2007
Q: What is it about spotting the Hummer on tiny city streets that always makes one wonder if it can withstand a direct grenade hit?

Violence is never the answer, but it does sometimes inspire the question.
Alaska is America!
written by Mark, November 20, 2007
Alaska is America you Geek. You could call the lower 48, well
the lower 48 which is what I think you meant.
So when can we expect the levitra sale buy Chevy Volt
written by Rodger, November 20, 2007
I watched your video on Brotherhood 2.0. You said that the Volt had gone AWOL from the LA car expo you were attending. Do you have any indication of it's release date?
written by Jon, November 21, 2007
Why is levitra online no prescription your head blocking the camera view..?
Car manufacturers need to.....
written by zupakomputer, November 23, 2007
....stop making such short-lifespan disposable vehicles. A car should be something you buy and expect to last for a good long time. It's shocking the amount of people that go along with the industry, and actually expect to just trade-in their car after a couple of years. A car has all-replaceable-parts.
Yet the depreciation on a new or few-owners car is gigantic - surely they are the worst industry globally for that kind of product lifespan. It's likely the woman and levitra most expensive thing most people will ever buy, except for a house.

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