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NOV 27

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"I'm glad my husband got me a prius so i can save some money on gas. We..."

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SMART Cars Coming to America

This year at the LA Auto Show, I, for the first time ever, sat down in a SMART car. These little guys are smart for a lot of reasons, most importantly because they are comfortable, small, and practical. There's far more leg room in a SMART car than there is discount generic cialis in my Nissan Sentra, but the SMART car is almost half the best way to use viagra size.

The sacrifice, of course, is the back seat. But in a world where every family already has one SUV...why not also have a little $10,000 car for single-person trips that otherwise would use a tremendous amount of gas?

And that's why SMART is officially going for the American market. They announced their planned invasion last year, and now they're taking reservations. It's looking like you're going to need a reservation, too, as supply will be limited and buying cialis without a prescription the demand (for the launch at least) is there. So, if you want one of your own, head to and reserve yourself a ForTwo for only $99.

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Worth paying more?
written by bob, November 27, 2007
I have a used Nissan Sentra that gets over 30 mpg that cost me $5000.
When it dies I'll have no trouble picking up another for around $5000.
I'll look into the smart car when they start hitting the used car market.
2 problems
written by Steve, November 27, 2007
If I can't get an alternative energy car this might not be a bad choice when my current car finally dies.

Two worries though:

1. I sometimes use my seldom used back seat to give friends rides and haul stuff. I will no longer have that option.

2. Those things are small, what happens if one of those SUV drivers hits me?
Will they apologize to Americans?
written by Steve, November 28, 2007
I seem to remember an earlier article on this blog of a billboard they put up in Europe insulting Americans. I wonder if they will apologize now?
Smart cars alreay here
written by Phli, November 28, 2007
I already see Smart cars around town.

Now I know that some of the first Smart cars that came over were modified by a company (Zap?) so that they meet US pollution laws. As such they were being sold for $26K! (robbery - but some fools were apparently willing to pay that).

Then, I heard that Chrysler was going to bring them over with a Mitsubishi engine instead of the Mercedes engine and that these were going to sell for about $13K - I thought this was already happening now?

And now you're saying that Smart will be selling them directly in the US.... it's a bit confusing. Somehow I doubt the enter site uk levitra sales $10K price, though. Probably will be higher than that. I also don't think that 40MPG is all that great for a car this size which gets closer to 60MPG in the European version.
written by Cat Laine, November 28, 2007
@ Phil
I'm guessing the big drop is fuel efficiency (and price) are related to going from a diesel to buy levitra in uk a gasoline engine.
written by Mark, November 28, 2007
Here's what I have seen on my own research into this car.

To get your needed amenities like A/C or a decent radio, the car will end up being around $15,000.

I have noticed that quoting European gas mileages are problematic since a lot I see are using an imperial MPG standard which differs from the US metric MPG standard. The numbers are always a bit higher when using the imperial standard.

I took the Canadian reported mileages, converted over to metric US MPG, and it ended up being 39 MPG in the city and 49 MPG on the road. I don't know if Canada has that "real world" method for fuel estimation that the US has adopted for 2008. If not, real world adjustment of the Canadian ratings would be like 35 mpg in the city and 45 MPG on the road with an average of 40 MPG. Real world adjustment is just a guess on my part though. 40 MPG is what a lot of news articles are claiming the car gets. This isn't that far off of the real world gas mileage of even a hybrid Prius. Real world 2008 Prius gas mileage is 48 City/45 Road with combined 46 MPG.

Canadian smart car estimates and their conversions:

City estimate: 5.9 l/100km
= 39.8 US MPG or 47.8 Imp. MPG
Highway estimate: 4.8 l/100km
= 49 US MPG or 58.8 Imp. MPG
Combined estimate: 5.4 l/100km
= 43.5 US MPG or 52.3 Imp. MPG

I notice how the imperial MPG is close to 60 MPG which is why I believe saying getting 60 MPG in Europe may not entirely be accurate by US standards.

Also, the car is optimized for Premium standard gasoline - Octane 91. More expensive gas. It will run on cialis online in canada regular gas, but things like fuel efficiency might be compromised if it is used. And this will play mind games with people about not getting a lower priced gas bill.

Safety is follow link levitra how much a concern. It is supposed to get 4 out of 5 stars in crash testing by design. And I know I will wait until it has been tested and verified it has 4 stars.

There is concern that the Mitsubishi engine will sacrifice gas mileage and the official EPA ruling would be lower than expected. I am waiting for those numbers to come in.

I have seen no information on it at all on a clean diesel version coming out. Mercedes actually has released several Bluetec clean diesel cars this year already. But the gas mileage a diesel version would have would totally mean they could compete with the Prius since the new 2008 EPA gas mileage is much lower than previously estimated. Albeit, would probably be a much more expensive variation of only best offers drug generic cialis the car which would make Mercedes hesitant to manufacture and release in US.
written by Chris L, November 28, 2007
A big problem I can see with these cars is the fact that they can be very easily written off.

Even a small accident can result in enough damage to (given their market value) result in your insurance company preferring to viagra viagra wreck the car rather than to pay for the repairs.

With older and bigger cars, repairs can be cheap and somewhat simple. Plus you can reuse parts from other wrecked cars of the same model.
With these things you can't.

I acknowledge the fact that they are great for fuel efficiency, parking, rush hour commuting, etc. But I still think there's room for them to be smarter.
Maybe not
written by Steve, November 28, 2007
Given the we recommend order prescription levitra problems other people have mentioned with owning a smart car, the Prius doing as well with mpg ( and a back seat ), the GM Volt on the horizon and this insult to Americans by the SMART car company, maybe I will pass on buying one when it comes to the US

Why Bother?
written by Steve, November 28, 2007
I looked on the SMART car web site for the USA.

They claim the SMART car built for the US will only do 40 mpg. According to my 1991 Honda Civic already does 35 mpg. It also has a back seat

The SMART car is cheaper, but why bother with it when you can now get a Prius which does as well, if not better with gas mileage for $21 K?

Then the VOLT is a few years away.

The clean diesel accord is 1 - 2 years away.

None of those companies are putting up advertisements making fun of Americans either.

As an informed American I am well aware that bad ( self serving ) decisions made my by government and corporate leaders have resulted in America being seen as mean, stupid, backwards, etc...

Honestly, it hurts.

However, I don't need to give my money to cheap 25mg cialis a company rubbing it in.

written by Magnulus, November 28, 2007
What about the Norwegian THINK cars? America could do with some of those. ^_^
I drove a smart car between 1999 and 200
written by hans, March 27, 2008
Hi american friends. I drove the first version of the smart car over here in europe and although it had some inconvienences it's certaily a good choice for urban driving. It feels great, feels safe and only for you cialis cheapest is safe. The new version should be even better. I sold mine in 2002 when we were getting kids ....
"smart" car?
written by Jesse McCollum, March 14, 2009
I have a 2003 4 door toyota echo 1.5L gas engine that gets over 40 mph on the highway, and can seat 4 adults very comfortably, or tow my motorcycles, and even my 16' fishing boat.... I picked it up for 6,000 used. I can't believe people actually buy these "smart" cars....
written by janet sera, July 12, 2010
I'm glad my husband got me a prius so i can save some money on gas. We just got a new auto insurance quote for all the buy levitra in england cars in the family and are paying less now.

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