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NOV 30

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"Hemp is levitra from mexico the most viable material here, especially as it grows so quick..."

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Cars from Cashews! A Waste of Cashews?


While not being new news, this car is definitely worth writing about, especially given our recent visit to the indian pharmacy tramadol LA Auto Show, which of course showcased some of the "green" and not-so-green cars coming down the road.

The Eco One, a project undertaken by the WMG, part of University of Warwick in England, had some pretty lofty green aspirations when it came to vehicle contruction, but they certainly pulled it off. Their goals are best left to Dr. Kerry Kirwan, their bio-materials expert, to describe:

"The concept for the Eco One project was simple: create a high-performance racing car that had a conscience. We researched the most technologically advanced sustainable materials available, and then used them wherever possible during construction."

While most auto manufacturers have tunnel-vision, focusing only on fuel as an environmental issue, the Eco One is green as a package deal. Sure, it runs entirely on biofuels, and its oil and lubricants are plant-based, but how about a shell made from hemp, cashew nut shell brake pads, and tires made partially with potato starch? (I'd be interested to know if you could actually eat the car in case of emergency.)


Of course it doesn't stop there, they plan over the tramadol sales next 3 years to replace any existing plastic parts with those made from plant fibres and resins, get the engine to generic viagra generic run on biodiesel, and to figure out a way of viagra cost using alternative materials for chassis as well. Still, being that the car is currently 95% biodegradeable or recycleable, they've already come a long way.

With a top speed of 150mph, and going 0-60 in under 4 seconds, the green side of the car seems even more impressive. What makes it even more amazing is that the car has a price tag of only $41,000 and was built in two months by a student. Ahem, car industry, are you listening?

via WMG and Gizmodo
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written by Rob, November 30, 2007
Small factual correction -- Warwick University's not in Scotland! (I should know, I studied there). Funny about the WMG though... we thought that had UFOs in there, but actually they've got green cars.
written by Oecologia Bitchinson, December 01, 2007
It is really an information war going on, but you guys have to understand: THERE ARE NO BIO FUELS!
Also I was shocked about the "I drive green" ad on the right side of this blog.
Alltogether it seems, that this blog is paid by the car industry to propagate certain ideas of consumerism and not changing anything.
Very disappointing.
written by Carlos Reyes, December 31, 2012
Hemp is the most viable material here, especially as it grows so quickly and in so many parts of the world. There could be more mention of hemp on this site, perhaps a perural of such sites as would give lots of ideas - by the way, big business made hemp illegal in the US - so another site, is hosting a petition to the White House - all eco geeks are encouraged to sign!

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