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DEC 07

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"These Hybrid SUV's are using 19/21 mpg's at best. If one really does ..."

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Bob Lutz in LA Part 3: Big-Ass Hybrids

In the final part of our coverage of viagra order Bob Lutz's talk at the blogger's dinner in LA, GM's Vice Chair discusses the logic behind making really big trucks and levitra online 50mg SUVs into hybrid vehicles.

GM underwrote my trip to LA...their only requirement was that I let people know that they did so whenever I wrote about it...which is what I am doing now.

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written by RhapsodyInGlue, December 08, 2007
I applaud the fact that they are coming out with these since they do mail online order propecia provide pretty dramatic increases in efficiency, and there are some legitimate uses for large vehicles.

However, we need to create a feebate system to discourage those who really don't need such vehicles from buying them, coupled with a gas/carbon tax to get those who do own them to look there cialis online shop uk drive them as little as possible.
written by Brian, December 08, 2007
That actually was kinda creepy near the end
dang it: higher fuel efficiency isn't th
written by supergreen, December 08, 2007
Look: hybrids are great. So great in fact that we can make our cars even BIGGER than before.

Fuel efficiency is only one part of the equation guys. Our attitudes toward consumption, and how our institutions are set up to encourage it, are the other half of it.

written by RhapsodyInGlue, December 08, 2007

Thank you for hitting one I missed... institutions. We certainly could use better city planning and better public transit in the U.S.
written by paolo, December 08, 2007
excuses excuses, bob, but maybe you should stop catering to the 'wants and desires' of the obese idiot.

more radical than public transit
written by supergreen, December 09, 2007
Thanks RhapsodyInGlue. I agree with you, but I think it needs to go much further than this. For example. One of the reasons public transit is so unmanageable in the United States is how our population is distributed across landscapes. There are a lot of reasons for this. For example, the predominant pattern of neolocal residence after marriage encourages the levitra price construction of new homes, ideals of what a home should be (including the status-enhancing symbol of where to buy cialis in ny the well-tended front lawn) make less efficient use of space, the abandonment of middle-class and wealthy people from urban centers (and old burbs) who can afford those big homes with their lawns encourages sprawl, (along with the construction of wide roads for motor traffic), and a relationship between counties and cities which encourages incorporation of county land into city land, which encourages further development. Add on top of that the importance of home building in our economy, and how much everyone freaks out when people start buying fewer homes.

It goes deeeeep.

written by Gman, December 10, 2007
Yes, it's a good thing that GM is introducing big ass hybrids. I think their appearance will break down the market into its main parts and each sub-segment will respond in kind:

People who need large trucks to haul around people or stuff will continue buying these cars, in hybrid flavor.

People who need large trucks for their hauling capacity probably won't get the hybrid cuz it doesn't cut the mustard in raw torque and HP (except if a diesel is buy cialis online uk produced).

People who purchased these trucks for the viagra online pharmacy usa style and follow link viagra pills canadian recreational power (probably the same types whose actions most of us disapprove of) will buy something else. When the bulging-muscle image of us online pharmacy cheap tramadol cod the truck is gone, I think this buyer will move on too.

REAL TRUCK PEOPLE (tm) will always buy trucks, but fashionistas will follow the trends.

Anyway, thanks for these videos, Hank. Good stuff!
Less Sceptical
written by GNiessen, December 10, 2007
I must admit I am pleasently suprised to hear they are talking so straight forward about two mode Hybrid systems. Given the current offerings of "hybrid" trucks that are little more then having big starters and doing away with the idle. I do agree with your summary that it is better for a big truck to save 50% then not. So in that it is a good thing. I will look forward to visit our site viagra buying online renting one if I need to move or haul something big. But I will never own one.

And ya, that last part would have been better to leave out.
written by cr8, December 10, 2007
These Hybrid SUV's are using 19/21 mpg's at best. If one really does need the power to haul and such, any diesel engine runs on straight bio-fuel as long as it is not in a place where the oil can coagulate due to temperature, in which case you can put heaters on the levitra online switzerland lines and manifold to keep it from doing so. In fact, Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine around 1900 to run on viagra prescription medication peanut oil. Our infatuation with REDUCING the carbon footprint is our problem.

When you look at a system or design that is flawed, why just improve upon a bad design. We need to change the way we do things. While GM is out here trying to compete with a Prius in their own unique way, they are still producing a corvette VO6, so their intentions are questionable to say the least.

The Prius is not better in my mind, because it is still using a petroleum based fuel, and it is setting a standard for other companies to buy cialis proffessional online use Hybrid technology in an even worse way, and be considered green.

Did you know you can run a diesel engine on salt water at the right compression ratio?

We need to be more concerned with fixing something rather than improving. Just because something is more efficient doesn't mean it is more effective. Our initial intention standards must be higher.

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