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DEC 10

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"Asking automotive engineers to build an eco-car is unfair. They have b..."

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First Image of the Real Chevy Volt!

There's finally a picture (more a teaser image than a solid picture) of what the production version of the Chevy Volt hybrid electric vehicle will look like when it finally is released. It doesn't show a lot, but what is shown is sleeker and mail order viagra more aerodynamic than the initial versions we've seen in various places up until now.

Sleeker and more aerodynamic is important for the efficiency of any vehicle. According to the GM press release, "Aerodynamic drag accounts for approximately 20 percent of the energy consumed in an average vehicle, directly impacting vehicle fuel efficiency." In one of follow link 50mg viagra retail price the LA Auto Show videos posted here earlier, GM vice chairman Bob Lutz joked that the enter site rx online cialis original Volt concept "probably would have done better in the wind tunnel if they had put it in backwards."

The vehicle line director of the Volt was quoted at GM-Volt saying that aerodynamics would be more important than either weight or electrics in ensuring the Volt's 40 mile, all-electric range.

Thanks to Lyle at for keeping us up-to-date with information about the Volt. The entire press release is available in the article.


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written by Phli, December 12, 2007
I really don't like Chevy styling much... Their cars typically look like they were designed by 13 to 15 year old boys.
Chev volt like Corvair
written by Uncle B, June 08, 2008
Asking automotive engineers to build an eco-car is unfair. They have been schooled by groupthink corporate supporters of their institutions like big steel companies, big oil concerns etc. They are steeped in equations and theorems developed in the 1930s, and they quite honestly can't break away from their academic training far enough to come up with anything better than the Volt.
Aerospace engineers on the other hand, have a more recent and flexible bag of tricks available to them. They have actually developed a three wheeled, carbon fiber bodied, plugin/biodiesel/electric/hybrid prototype commuter car. They place the two passengers (statistically correct for commutes) in a safety capsule and seat them bicycle style, one behind the other, making the real viagra without a perscription whole car only half as wide, doubling passing ability on generic viagra with international shipping standard highways thus eliminating grid lock, bumper to bumper traffic and parking space problems. The ultra light design is levitra india aerodynamically designed for stability and fuel economy. Now that the Hummer, SUVs and pick-up trucks are history, the highways will be a safer place for all, and perhaps safe enough for these innovative 120mpg 90mph commuter cruisers!

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