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JAN 05

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"this electric airplane was created by a French organization. I go to ..."

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World's First Electric Airplane

Electric cars are fantastic, of course, but what about other forms of transportation. Electric trains are around, in places where they can be wired, and there are even some electric boats in the world. But electric planes...well...that's just silly. Batteries are far too heavy...right?

WRONG! The single-seater Electra is the viagra tablet weight first conventional airplane to run entirely on batteries. The plane has a very traditional design, the only difference being some light-weight materials and levitra no prescription canada the method for turning the prop. In test flights, the Electra has travelled for 30 miles at a peak speed of it's cool buy xanax online about 60 mph. It's not a 747...but it shows that as the energy density of batteries increases, so too does their potential application.

Via TreeHugger


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written by Jenny K, January 05, 2008
I am a pilot. This is the first time I've gone to your website, and the top article was about airplanes. I'm liking this already.
Now, I'm no pilot..
written by Chris, January 07, 2008
I'm not a pilot, but I do like Motorbikes.

electric motorbike looks pretty cool to me.

Very Cool
written by Matthew J, January 07, 2008
I am a "just for fun" pilot and only fly a few times a year, but I am happy to how much viagra see that companies are really working on try it female viagra this technology.

There are other companies making electric aviation engines and solar powered UAVs, I assume as batteries become lighter and solar panels become more efficient this technology will only get better!
written by campbell, February 04, 2008
this electric airplane was created by a French organization. I go to spain soon, I hope to work with them. My purpose is to build electric (SOLAR)powered aircraft; specificly, solar powered lighter-than-air airships. such airships can be constructed large enough to carry very large battery weights, fuel cells, etc........and large enough to carry several hundred persons. it is a technology that is "green", and inevitable.

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