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JAN 11

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Carectomy Week In Review #2

Two Blasts from Our Car-Past, Courtesy of Disney

I just came across two old Disney clips appropriate for carectomy patients. The first, Magic Highway USA (video below), is a 1958 television episode that looks toward the future of American transportation. Once you dig past the kitschy sci-fi aspects, this auto-pian vision terrifyingly reveals the values which have led us to our current predicament.

Copenhagen Girls on canadian cialis scam Bikes Gone Wild!

Ok, well perhaps not “wild.” The Copenhagen Cycle Chic blogsite is a celebration of women astride their trusty steeds. The site’s tagline: Bike advocacy in high heels, from the order cialis online world’s cycling capital. The content ranges from cycling information with fashion style to poetry.

Lottery Pays 50M Pounds for Car Free UK

Sustrans, a 30-year-old nonprofit in the U.K. that advocates sustainable transportation, last week won The People’s £50 Million Lottery Giveaway. The purpose of the Giveaway is to fund projects which positively benefit “health, the environment, education, and charitable purposes to improve communities and the lives of people most in need.” Citizens vote on the project they deem most worthy of the grant. Sustrans’ Connect2 project emerged triumphant, defeating three


Biking + Breakfast = Bikefast!

I love multi-tasking. I’m also drawn to buy now online propecia the impractical but eye-catching - especially concerning bikes. Well, Philipp Drexler’s Bikefast fits that bill perfectly. It’s a to-go food tray that clamps onto your bicycle’s handlebars.

Proposal for Car-Free Storrow Drive in Boston

The Charles River Conservancy has proposed making a portion of Boston's Storrow Drive car-free on Sunday mornings. Unfortunately this busy east-west boulevard paralleling the Charles River won’t become a permanent thoroughfare for bikes, skaters, joggers, and walkers, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Car Dependency Damages Your Health

Two videos from YouTube (below) prove the point: Relying on cars for transportation is bad for people's health. Typically the unhealthy aspects of driving relate to lack of exercise, pollution, global warming, lots of pavement, and dangerous SUVs maiming everyone in their paths. Here we take a glimpse at another unhealthy driving-related affliction: road rage.

Hasselt Proves Free Public Transportation Works

Can free public transportation save the world? That’s been a question bandied about in many circles, and it was the subject of one of Carectomy’s first posts. The city of Hasselt, Belgium, is well past the debating stage. In fact, this past July the city celebrated its 10th year of free public transportation.

Ride a Bike, Live Longer

We’ve all heard it before: Regular aerobic activity is crucial to our good health. What better way to get regular exercise than to incorporate it into our daily lives by walking or cycling? A new book, entitled Bike for Life: How to Ride to 100, takes the health benefits of cycling one step further. Not only is the regular exercise a must for long-lasting bodies but, according to cialis canada generic authors Roy Wallack and Bill Katovsky, a cyclist's longevity is enhanced through the "physical and mental challenges, relaxation, achievement, adventure, variety, social interaction, ...and fun" biking brings with it.

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written by rex, January 12, 2008
i clicked on a link from yahoo and came here... if this is the same guy in the video, you had me very interested until you spent WAY more time and WAY more adjectives into the click now cialis doses global warming horror story than the global depression... i am sincere when i say that i am unclear and undecided on this subject (that's what really caught my attention in the first place)please, please understand that i want knowledge and understanding of this, we all do... i'm very nuetral in a "for" or "against" stand on cause or actuality of buy real viagra online without prescription global warming... i do think you came off as a bit of a fear monger by not detailing the effects of a global depression as much as global warming... as an undecided person, you're one of the people i tend not to believe... try to make me feel like its a truly two-sided story and viagra pfizer 50 mg not propaganda

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