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JAN 13

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"If they make this, it's first to Market, and under $50k, I'll buy it. ..."

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From Detroit: Saturn Vue Plug-in Hybrid Nearly Released

Last year, this time, GM announced its commitment to producing the first production plug-in hybrid in the form of a plug-in hybrid Saturn Vue. The car would have an effective 150 miles per gallon and 100mg generic viagra would, in fact, run solely on electric power for the cash on delivery tramadol first 15 or so miles.

Up until last week or so, GM was nortoriously quiet on the PHEV Vue, but for the last few days, Rick Wagoner has been telling us to expect more on the car "very soon." We have to imagine that "very soon" means tomorrow, since that's when the Saturn press release will be. I also got a little tip on the bus to the Cobo hall, but unfortunately we're all gonna have to wait until tomorrow for details.

Note: GM paid for my hotel and travel to the Detroit Auto Show.

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written by Maverick, January 13, 2008
There was a video on the Yahoo! homepage about a car like this today. It wasn't GM, although it was based off of the design of buy cialis without prescription the Vue. This car they were talking about could run solely on electric power for 40 miles (they say) before having to switch to gas fuel, and would get the 150 mpg you mentioned. I don't know if this is the same car you're talking about or merely some competition for it, but you might want to check it out.
but what to choose?
written by Tracy, January 13, 2008
I am going to be in the market for a new car in a year or so - and I would prefer a plug in. I am hoping some real plug-in cars show up soon - There tends to be more focus on the highbred (We already own a Prius). I have been trying to follow link cialis for daily use keep up, but it is all getting confusing between the buy viagra in canada no prescription 'concept cars' and trying to figure out what will actually come to the market - This one looks like it is actually going to happen! Now, to get solar panels... ;D
40 - electric car
written by Enrique, January 13, 2008
The company with the 40 mpg electric car is not ready for mass production.
The company's name is:Trinity Power Corporation.

Have you thought on installing more batteries on yoru prious. I read there is a company in L.A. which does that.
written by Tracy, January 13, 2008
Enrique - We probably will 'upgrade' the prius to plug in.. but we have a child about to go away to college and a teen at home, and the reality is tramadol prescription drug that in the SF Bay Area where we live, we need two cars. My car, a CR-V, which still gets 30 mpg will need to be replaced (or given to the college bound daughter) when it hits 10 years (in two years) - and the current hybrid Saturn VUE gets less than that.

But yes, we will probably 'plugify' the prius! good suggestion!
written by KZ, January 14, 2008
If they make this, it's first to Market, and under $50k, I'll buy it.

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