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JUL 03

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"I don't particualrly care if this thing isn't particularly fast, only ..."

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GM Hy-Wire Video.

We're glad whenever we can praise GM, a company that we believe is suffering due to non-environmental reasons (though you wouldn't know it listening to some hype that's being passed around).  But GM has a future...and here it is. 

They Hy-Wire is revolutionary for two reasons (three, if you include the 10 million dollars that went into developing it).  First, you have the Hy...a hydrogen fuel-cell engine with a tank big enough to free samples of viagra carry the car fast and cheap levitra order online long.  Or, if you so choose, it could just power your house for a couple of days.  

Then there's the Wire.  The fuel-cell, the hydrogen tanks, and all the motors are all housed in a six inch tall 'skateboard' configuration at the bottom of the car.  We've been hearing about the cheapest prices for levitra skateboard car a lot in the last few years, but it's nice to see prototypes rolling of at a pretty good rate now (see the Pivo a couple of posts down for another skateboard car.)  The vehicle's controls actually plug into the chassis via a single data wire (in the case of sales cialis the Pivo, this linkage is actually wireless (scary)).

The Hi-Wire also beats its coolness into us with a revolutionary new control scheme.   No pedals, just a 'steering thingy' which you twist to accelerate and squeeze to break.  Also on the steering thingy you'll find a display showing you your rear-view, and two side view cameras take the place of external mirrors, minimizing wind resistance.  
So, next time you hear someone badmouth GM, tell them about the Hy-Wire.  We all see the future, and GM getting ready.
Thanks to the anonymous Aussie tipster who sent me to techeblog.  And to CarShark for the enter site viagra pfizer 50 mg YouTube post.  And of course to buy cialis generic Top Gear for filming the segment in the first place.
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It was Meeeeee!
written by a guest, July 03, 2006
You're welcome. I'm not getting terribly excited about hy-fuel until we work out a better way to produce the electricity needed to manufacture the hy-fuel. If we can crack that first step then things will be much better on the polution front. --monotonehell
written by a guest, July 03, 2006
Yeah, it's funny when these two are talking at the end of the program they're like "Oh, hydrogen, that just comes from sea water." Yeha, sea water and a few gigawatt hours. But I have confidence in hydrogen being more efficient and less polluting than gasoline, even if we need to use excess baseload fossil fuel power.
Too Bad...
written by a guest, July 03, 2006
Too bad the Hy-Wire has been the future for about a decade now, I remeber seeing a segment on the PBS version of Scientific American (the one with Alan Alda) around '97 or so. I can't help thinking that the Hy-Wire, like flex-fuel, is a cynical gesture to avoid criticism for not developing better cars NOW, (hybrids/plug-ins/electrics/etc.)
Peak oil is now!
written by a guest, July 04, 2006
Yeah with "Too Bad..." on the it's been comming for decades now. But we really are at a point where the infrastructure this stuff needs to be rolled out ASAP. Peak oil is now, China and India need to NOT go down the petrolium car route before they get more cars on the road. And the rest of us need to get off.
No bad at all
written by a guest, July 04, 2006
It about time this brain-dead, terribly managed company pulled their heads out of their asses and worked on something useful, other than ginormous SUV's that get horrible gas mileage, let out pure exhaust, and small cars that average 22mpg. If they could cheaply implement this and quickly too, they may be able to tramadol cheap cod revive themselves.
written by a guest, July 04, 2006
Toi the "Peak oil is now!" guy, China has in mind a motorized revolution yes, but it in no way involves gas powered cars. There revolution is going to be one of generic viagra hybrid, electrics, hydrogen, and other methods to power their motors.
Peak oil is now! (again)
written by a guest, July 05, 2006
China is currently at the start of a major car ownership expansion. Last I heard they were all petrolium based. It's wonderful to hear that the govt there is going this way. As a side note have your heard that in China it's considered an insult to wear a seatbelt as a passenger? It's thought to show that you don't have confidence in the driver's ability.
Too bad your memory\'s so off.
written by a guest, July 06, 2006
The first version of this car was GM's Autonomy concept. It was announced in 2002. You're off by over 100%.

It was first aired on Scientific American Frontiers on May 16, 2002.

Hy wire
written by a guest, July 31, 2006
Why is it that these things are always 10 years away from general use - we need them NOW. By the way can I have one to power my house , I'm fed up with being ripped off by the utiities
Hydrogen Cars
written by a guest, July 31, 2006
The Americans landed on the moon, how long ago, and here we are still driving around in Dinosaurs using 100 year old technology.The Hy wire is exactly what we need but by the time it gets on the road the price of fuel will be horrendous. Maybe that's what it's all about anyway!!
written by Neupert, April 19, 2007
I don't particualrly care if this thing isn't particularly fast, only Americans care about that. They just want to get down to McDonalds as fast a they possibly can so they can stuff themselves stupid then sue the levitra generic canada resarautn for making em larger than the car itself. This thing is the way of the future, and I for one would be happy to own one and how to order viagra over internet help stop global pollution issues, because, quite frankly, i'm sick of hearing scientists and environmentalists yapping on viagra usa about it. i'll be getting one, thats all I care about

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